Route contacts from Swiftpage ACT!

This article describes how to use contacts from ACT! with Map Business Online optimized routing feature.

In Map Business Online you can calculate route between multiple stops and optimize stops order to reduce total drive time and fuel consumption. You can import route stops directly from ACT!

  1. Start ACT!, go to Contacts, and choose ‘List View’. On the Contacts toolbar click ‘Route Selected’ to route only contacts selected in the view or click ‘Route All’ to route all contacts from the view.
  1. MBO will start transferring selected contacts to MBO.
  1. ‘Add stops to route’ dialog will popup. Select to create new route or add stops to existing route. When creating new route you can specify your home/office location as start point for route.
  1. MBO will plot and add ACT! contacts to Route window.
  1. Click car icon on Route window toolbar to calculate your route. Check ‘Optimize stops order’ to choose most effective sequence of stops.
  1. Once route has been calculated, MBO will show it on map. You can see driving directions in Route window. To open or hide directions between two stops use blue arrow button that appears when mouse pointer hovers over a stop.
  1. Finally you can print route plan and directions by using printer icon on Route window toolbar.