Sales territory basics

This article presents an overview of sales territory mapping functionality with references to specific topics.

Build Your Sales Territories

In MapBusinessOnline you can setup sales territories by various alignment layers including ZIP codes, counties, states, Census tracts, MSA and other. There are several approaches available to build your sales territories:

  • Create sales territories from a file. This approach works best when you already have a file with territory breakdown. Check out following articles for details: Import Territories from a File, Create territories by county or state from file.
  • Setup sales territories manually by selecting geography on map. That’s the simplest method where you just click or shift-click desired areas on map to make a territory. Read these articles to learn about this and two following approaches of territory design: Manually create territories one-by-one, Design sales territories by county or state.
  • Build sales territories by spatial search. Use this approach when your territories are defined by radius or drive time.
  • Make sales territories from Data window by applying custom attribute search. Use this method to define your territories by demographic characteristics or sales targets.

All abovementioned territory building methods can be combined to instrument you with powerful tools for designing sales territories.

In addition to visualizing sales territories on map, MapBusinessOnline also has powerful table view of territories in the Data window. The table view provides easy access to territory attributes such as demographics as well as navigation between a territory and its content. Learn more about territory table view: Table view of territories.

Customize Your Sales Territories

Certainly once you have mapped you territories, you will want to change territory name, color, transparency, or delete a territory. Check out following sources for information:

There are more options to customize your map, here are just a few:

Export Territory Breakdown

Now, as territories are in MapBusinessOnline, you can easily export territory setup into a file and share it with other sales force management tools: Export territory assignments to a file.

Get Sales Territories to Do Work for You

Just visualizing sales territories on a map is great step towards more effective sales force. But MapBusinessOnline can do more than that. Whether you want to segment your leads by territory or export list of ZIP codes in a territory defined by county - all the tools are here at your fingertips: