Save data selection in Salesforce campaign

This article describes how to save map search results (marketing list in MapBusinessOnline terms) in a Salesforce campaign.

  1. First of all plot your data on map. Read the following article on how to do that: Plot data from Salesforce.
  1. Create a marketing list inside MapBusinessOnline by searching map geographically. Read one of the following articles on how to create and edit marketing lists: Search data by radius, Search data in polygon, or Search data by drive time or distance.
  1. Select a marketing list in Data window and click ‘export data’ icon.
  1. On ‘Export data’ page choose ‘Export data to Salesforce campaign’ option and click ‘Next’.
  1. Choose whether you want to create new campaign, add records to existing campaign, or fully replace campaign with new content. Click ‘Create’ or ‘Update’ as appropriate.
  1. Click ‘Done’ when MapBusinessOnline has finished saving data in Salesforce campaign.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will open the campaign details page in Salesforce window.