Search data from multiple locations

This article describes how to search data within radius from multiple center locations.
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In Map Business Online you can search your customers not only within radius from certain location but also within radius from multiple locations. For example if you have special offers provided by some of your stores then you can find customers within 20 miles from each such store and email your offer to these customers.

  1. Start by plotting Customers and Stores locations on map. See this link for detailed instructions.
  1. Click ‘Market analysis’ icon on Map Business Online toolbar.
  1. On the page that pops up select ‘Search data from multiple locations’ option. Click Next button.
  1. On the next page select data with center locations for the search. You can select a dataset or a marketing list.

    Set desired search radius. You can set one radius for all centers or select a data column that has varying radius for each center location. In the example below we set 20 miles radius for all center locations.

    If you want a circle drawn around each search location check corresponding box and select circle drawing options.

    Click Next button when ready.
  1. On the next page select data you want to search. Click Next button.
  1. Map Business Online will start searching selected data. Once search results are ready you will have options to add found customers to new or existing marketing list, update existing marketing list with found customers, or remove found customers from a marketing list.
  1. Map Business Online will open marketing list with search results in Data window and will also update map to show search circles.