Segment customers by territory

This article explains how to segment customer list by territory.

In MBO you can view primary territory or territory list for a customer record. Here we demonstrate how to export segmented customer list into a file that can be then imported into Excel®.

Before we start plot your customer dataset on map and setup sales territories. Use these articles as a guide on the topics: Plot data from Microsoft® Excel, Manually create territories one-by-one, Import territories from a file.

  1. Customer segmentation is available from Data window. To open Data Window just click the table icon on the main MBO toolbar.
  1. Now select your customer dataset in Data window (Contacts in the example below).
  1. Click ‘Export dataset’ icon on Data window toolbar.
  1. ‘Export data’ wizard will start. On the first page of the wizard check the ‘Segment data records by territory’ box and choose Territories in the layer drop-down. There is also the option to export only records assigned to a territory that you may choose.

    Click Next button.
  1. Follow ‘Export data’ wizard flow to save the customer record file segmented by territory. That’s it!