Setup Team subscription

This article provides detailed instructions on setting up your Team subscription.
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Team subscription features following user management capabilities:

  1. Adding users to Team subscription
  2. Assigning Team subscription seats to users
  3. Defining sub-teams to control shared maps and data access.

There are three user roles involved in Team subscription:

  1. Team owner – MBO user who owns Team subscription. Team owner is also a Team administrator (Super administrator).
  2. Team administrator – MBO user who has rights to add Team users to Team subscription and to assign subscription seats to Team users.
  3. Team user – a user added to Team subscription that can access MBO as part of the subscription.

Here are three steps involved into setting up Team subscription:

  1. Invite your team - Team administrator should go to the Account/Users & Teams page on Map Business Online Web site and invite Team users. A Team user will need to register MBO account and accept invitation to participate in Team subscription.
  2. Assign subscription seats – when Team administrator invites a Team user, MBO automatically assigns subscription seat to the user. Team administrator can control what users have access to MBO subscription by changing subscription seat options on the Account/Users & Teams page.
  3. Define sub-teams for maps and data sharing – MBO supports map sharing at the user or team levels. Team administrator can setup sub-teams with pre-defined user roles to greatly simplify map sharing process. The sub-team management is also available on the Account/Users & Teams page.

Invite your team (Team administrator)

Refer to this article to learn how to add users to Team subscription.

Assign subscription seats (Team administrator)

  1. Go to Account/Users & Teams page on Map Business Online Web site. Account team tab must be selected by default. The tab shows total number of user-seats available in the Subscription column header.
  1. As you can see on the picture above, there is a check box in Subscription column across each user name. The box controls whether the user has subscription seat assigned. Note: a user can be part of a team but not occupy a subscription seat. For example, when the user has own subscription or is part of Team subscription assigned to another department in your organization. In other words, being part of a team means having access to shared maps but not necessary to take a subscription seat.

Define sub-teams for maps and data sharing (Team administrator)

Refer to this article to learn how to create sub-teams and assign roles to users within a sub-team.