Setup Team subscription

This article provides detailed instructions on setting up Team subscription and sharing subscription with team users.
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Team subscription provides following user management capabilities: adding users to Team subscription, sharing Team subscription with users, and designating teams to control shared maps and data access. This article describes the first two capabilities. For the latter capability refer to the link on Private map sharing.

There are two user roles involved in Team subscription:
    Team administrator – MBO user who owns Team subscription and has rights to add Team users to Team subscription and to share subscription with Team users.
    Team user – a user added to Team subscription that can access MBO as part of the subscription.

Here are three steps involved into setting up Team subscription:

  1. Register Your Users - Each Team user should register using standard Map Business Online Trial registration process. An email will be sent to users as part of registration workflow to confirm users’ email addresses.
  2. Invite Your Team - Once everyone is registered, Team administrator should go to the Account/Users & Teams page on Map Business Online’s Web site and invite Team users. A Team user will need to accept invitation to participate in Team subscription.
  3. Share Subscription – When Team administrator invites a Team user, MBO automatically assigns subscription share to the user. Team administrator can control what users have access to MBO by changing subscription-sharing options on Account/Users & Teams page.

Invite Your Team (Team administrator)

  1. Go to Account/Users & Teams page on Map Business Online’s Web site. Users tab must be selected by default. The page shows total number of users beside Team administrator you can share Team subscription with.

    Click ‘Invite new user’ button to start adding Team users.
  1. ‘Invite user’ wizard will start. Enter user name and email address into the first dialog box. Click ‘Next’ button.
  1. Following dialog box has the invitation link. You will need to send the link to invited Team user.

    MBO will create invitation email for you if you have email program like Microsoft Outlook. In case you don’t have email program installed, please copy the link by pressing Ctrl-C on keyboard when the link box is highlighted.

    Click ‘Invite user’ button.
  1. If you have email program installed then MBO will create invitation email message similar to one below. In case you don’t have email program, go to your Web mail page, create email message to the user, and paste the link copied at the previous step into the message.Make sure to send that email message to invited user!

    Note to Chrome users: you will see Web browser page with invitation email message instead. Click ‘Create e-mail’ to run your email program to send the message. Otherwise just copy & paste the message to your Web mail page and send the invitation to the user.
  1. As you can see now the user was added to User list with Invited status. Subscription box is checked meaning that the user can access MBO as part of Team subscription.

    In case you want to resend invitation email/link to a user just click the letter icon (to the left of remove icon) to re-create invitation email.
  1. Once Team user accepts invitation the status will change from Invited to Accepted. You will need to refresh your Web browser page to see the change. Team user with Accepted status is all set to explore the power of Map Business Online’s Team subscription!