Share interactive map privately

This article describes how to share interactive map with designated users or teams.
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  1. Start by creating a map.
  1. Once you have your map ready, click ‘Share interactive map’ icon on Map Business Online toolbar.
  1. If map is in modified state then Map Business Online will save it for you. If map was never saved before on server then ‘Save map’ dialog will popup. Enter map name and click ‘Save & Share’ button.
  1. ‘Share map’ dialog will pop up where you can select to share or to stop sharing current map.

    Uncheck ‘Enable public sharing’ box unless you want to share this map publicly as well.
  1. Switch to ‘Private sharing’ tab.
  1. If you already have your account or map sharing teams setup, just go directly to step #19 below.
  1. Start by inviting your team! Open new Web browser window and go to Account/Users & Teams page. Users tab must be selected by default.

    Click ‘Invite new user’ button to start adding Team users.
  1. ‘Invite user’ wizard will start. Enter user name and email address into the first dialog. Click ‘Next’ button.
  1. Following dialog has the invitation link. You will need to send the link to invited user.

    MBO will create invitation email for you if you have email program like Microsoft Outlook. In case you don’t have email program installed, please copy the link by pressing Ctrl-C on keyboard when the link box is highlighted.

    Click ‘Invite user’ button.
  1. If you have email program installed then MBO will create invitation email message similar to one below. In case you don’t have email program, go to your Web mail page, create email message to the user, and paste the link copied at the previous step into the message. Make sure to send that email message to invited user!

    Note to Chrome users: you will see Web browser page with invitation email message instead. Click ‘Create e-mail’ to run your email program to send the message. Otherwise just copy & paste the message to your Web mail page and send the invitation to the user.
  1. As you can see now the user was added to User list with Invited status.

    In case you want to resend invitation email/link to a user just click the letter icon (to the left of remove icon) to re-create invitation email.
  1. Once invited user accepts invitation the status will change from Invited to Accepted. You will need to refresh your Web browser page to see the change. You can share map or data with a user that has Accepted status!
  1. With Team subscription you can organize your users into teams (sub-teams). Using teams greatly simplifies setting up shared map access.

    If you don’t own Team subscription please go straight to step #19 below.
  1. While you are at Account/Users & Teams page, select Teams tab. Click ‘Add team’ button to add a team. Enter team name and click ‘Add team’ button.
  1. Now you can add users to your team. Click ‘Add existing users’ button at the bottom of Teams screen to add users you have earlier invited to your Account team.
  1. In ‘Add users’ dialog select all users you want to add to the team. Choose desired role of these users in the team. Following roles are supported:
    • Viewer – user can only view shared map.
    • Data editor – user can edit data records present on shared map but cannot modify the map otherwise.
    • Map editor – user can modify and save shared map but cannot edit data records present on the map.
    • Map & data editor – user has full access rights to the map.

    If you want to setup individual roles, just pick a role in the dialog as you will be able to change individual roles later.

    Click ‘Add users’ button.
  1. Selected users will be added to the team. You can change individual user’s role in the team through the list in the Role column.
  1. As you have your team setup, you can return to ‘Share map’ dialog and continue sharing the map.
  1. Click ‘Share with users’ button in order to give map access to specific users.
  1. In the following dialog select a number of users, desired role, and click ‘Add selected users’ button.
  1. If you have Team subscription then you will have the option to define map access at team level. Click ‘Share with teams’ button in order to grant map access to a team.
  1. In the following dialog select a number of teams and click ‘Add selected teams’ button.
  1. Now you are ready to share your map!

    You may want to adjust individual user through the list in the Role column. Click ‘Share map’ button inside ‘Share map’ dialog when ready.

    Warning: Don’t share map with confidential data. Even if you set the map private later, users may still have your data captured.
  1. Once your map is successfully shared you will see ‘Share map results’ dialog.

    For your convenience there is ‘Show e-mail’ button that will create email template with instructions on how to use shared map. You can send that email to your team members.

    Finally click ‘Done’ button to close ‘Share map results’ dialog.
  1. Whenever you want to see instructions for opening shared map, just click ‘Share interactive map’ icon on main toolbar. Inside ‘Share map’ dialog click ‘Show map viewing instructions’ button.