Update data from file

This article describes how to update data that you previously plotted on a map.
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MapBusinessOnline creates a snapshot of your data when you plot it on a map. You can edit the data using MapBusinessOnline tools. But when data comes from a CRM or another product it’s not feasible to copy all edits made in the product one record at a time. Fortunately MapBusinessOnline supports bulk data update from a file. This way you can export new data from your CRM product and then update the data snapshot in MapBusinessOnline.

  1. To use data update feature in MapBusinessOnline you need to designate an ID column in data you import. Usually there is a record ID in all CRM products. So, all you need to do is to export the ID and then select it in Plot data process as you can see on the picture below.
  1. For a dataset with ID column selected data update option is available in Manage map and data dialog. Just go to Map & Data window (if it’s not open, just click the arrow button centered on the left side of a map), move mouse over the dataset, and click Gear button.
  1. In Manage map and data dialog that will appear, click Update dataset from file button to start Update data wizard.
  1. On the first page of Update data wizard click Browse button to select a file with new data. Then click Next button.

    Note: this step is only necessary if you are using MapBusinessOnline Web App.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will prompt you if new data has more columns than imported originally.
  1. If you choose to import new columns then MapBusinessOnline will offer you control over data format. See the picture below – click Gear button in a column header to modify data format automatically detected. Click Next when ready.
  1. MapBusinessOnline will update your data and show Update data results dialog. Click Done to complete data update.