Use RealDatasets Market Data

MapBusinessOnline with RealDatasets will help you conduct market analysis of your target customer by industry sector. Study your new market potential before investing in lead generation schemes.

Review the RealDatasets industry data options, purchase, import and create your business analysis.

  1. As a MapBusinessOnline user, you'll need to decide which RealDatasets data you're interested in by reviewing data options available at Complete the purchase and save the data to your Mac or PC computer. Review the data to get familiar with the data records and the column options.
  1. From within MapBusinessOnline click the 'Plot data on map' icon on the main toolbar (here you can find detailed instructions for plotting a dataset on map).
    1. Select the top option labeled 'Select file with data'.
    2. Browse to your data location, select the data, and click Next.
    3. Choose the appropriate worksheet if requested, click Next.
    4. Verify that location drop downs match with appropriate columns in RealDatasets data. Make sure ZIP in MBO pulls from Zip in RealDatasets. Click Next.
    5. On 'Select additional data columns' page, select any columns you'd like to be included in the five callout fields. Click the Plot button in the lower right.
    6. View your data on the Map. Get a sense of where it lies and the density.
  1. Build a Heat map using the imported RealDatasets data as your heat map data source.
    1. Click the Heat Map button on the MBO main toolbar.
    2. Select the appropriate RealDataset data column as a source for heat mapping. Choose from number of establishments or employee count columns.
    3. Adjust the color scheme options and the heat radius levels around each point in your data. Click done.
    4. View your heat map scheme on the map. Repeat the process to adjust colors, intensities or data sources.
  1. RealDatasets view in MapBusinessOnline will describe where opportunities for your target industrial sector markets are located. The more intense and wider footprint the heat map points have, the more opportunity may exist in that area.
  1. Use MapBusinessOnline to understand more about your target market sales opportunities.
    1. Consider building demographic maps by ZIP code or county to develop optimum profiles of your best-selling areas.
    2. Create or adjust sales territory maps to better reflect sales opportunities based on target market hotspots.
    3. Build competitor maps to assess how well positioned your competitors are compared to your business, in a match for greater sales.
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