Create territories by county or state from file

This article describes how to build sales territories on map using a file with territory definitions.
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In Map Business Online you can setup sales territories by county or state in addition to other alignment layers like ZIP codes, Census tracts or MSA.

  1. In this article we will look at the case when you already have Excel (or comma/tab delimited text) file that maps counties or states to sales territories. That file must have content similar to one you can see on the picture below.
  1. Before you start let’s decide whether territories are allowed to intersect. If you want to keep your territories disjoint then do the following:
    1. Open Map & Data window if it is not already open.
    2. Click gear icon on Map & Data window toolbar. ‘Manage map and data’ dialog will pop up.
    3. Select ‘Territory options’ tab in ‘Manage map and data’ dialog.
    4. Uncheck ‘Allow territories to intersect’ box.
  1. To start building territories from file click ‘Create territories’ icon on Map Business Online’s toolbar. That will start ‘Create territories’ wizard.
  1. Skip first page of the wizard as it provides just an explanation – click ‘Next to plotting data’ button.
  1. On ‘Select data’ page choose Excel file that contains your sales territory definitions. Click Browse button to locate that file. Click Next button when ready. Map Business Online will start uploading the Excel file selected.
  1. Select worksheet or range to plot data from. This page appears only if you have more than one data range or worksheet in selected Excel file. Click Next button.
  1. On the next page choose the columns that contain county and state names. Make sure that other columns stay unselected – set <None> in all other boxes. Normally Map Business Online automatically makes correct selections. Just check that automatic selections are as expected.

    Click Next button.
    Selecting county and state for county territory
    Selecting just state for state territory
  1. Map Business Online will start plotting counties or states on map. That may take some time depending on number of rows you have in Excel file. Once plotting is finished following page will popup with results. If not all counties or states are plotted you may want to check corresponding columns in your Excel file for errors.

    Click ‘Next to creating territories’ button.
  1. On the following page select column containing territory names. Normally Map Business Online makes right selection for you automatically.

    Check that territories will be created by county or state. If correct alignment layer option is not selected automatically then you must have chosen wrong columns on step 7 above.

    Click ‘Create territories’ button.
  1. Creating territories may take some time. When territories are created you will see following page with summary of results.

    Click Done button to finish ‘Create territories’ wizard to see territories on map.
  1. You may want to zoom or pan map to see your territories. See this article on how to navigate around map: Zoom & pan map.

    You can also move territory callouts for better view.
  1. Following help articles may be useful when designing territories:
  1. This article explains how to show total sales or demographic data value in territory label: Customize territory labels.