What our Valued Customers Say

"Every time I use Map Business Online...and I always get what I need."

- David Ziviello, Sales, Rosito Bisani
"The product is phenominal and the support even better."

- Sales Manager, Kardex
"Truly the easiest business mapping application I have ever used."

- Chad Seaverns, National Sales Manager, www.nfdnetwork.com
"I use it daily to visualize customers and sales territories, and to plan sales trips. It’s so intuitive."

- Jeanne Gazlay, Life Brokerage sales Director, Mutual of Omaha
"We use MBO for event planning at cities all across the USA. It’s easy and fast. It blows away the other applications we tried."

- Kristine Gates, Strategic Accounts Sales Manager, Extend Health
"We love MBO, especially the ability to share maps with non-license holders for viewing!"

- Business Manager, Prison Fellowship
"MBO users develop a better understanding of their business which makes strategic planning more effective."

- Mark Hope, Business Manager, MVP Sports
"I just might possibly be in love with this service! This is the perfect program for my business."

- Deborah Sterns, Owner of www.Gtomales.com
"Map Business Online helps me identify our most promising markets, and define exactly those contacts I’m going to market to. It's the best product I've found that lets me 'visualize' my data."

- Tom Jans, Director of Marketing, Swing Surgeon Golf Management
"You guys are awesome! I used the Map Business Online trial to get promoted to a sales position within my company. I showed them how I would work my territory with great MBO printed maps that showed projected sales dollars by account locations. I got the Job!"

- Jeff Krieger, Territory Manager, Mizuno USA
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