Business Region Mapping

For a business, making the best use of resources and planning strategically for the future requires more than just looking at the numbers. Several factors give context and meaning to sales data and stats — geography is one of the most significant. Organizations that use business mapping location software gain a unique perspective on who their customers are, where they are located and what options exist for future growth.

MapBusinessOnline is a robust, intuitive business region mapping program. With it, managers and executives can create custom maps of sales territories in the U.S. and Canada, export and overlay up-to-date demographic information and make informed decisions that position their organizations for success.

What Can You Do With Business Location Mapping Software?

MapBusinessOnline is a versatile tool that businesses can deploy in a variety of ways depending on their needs and goals. These can include:

  • The segmentation of large regions into separate territories based on postal/ZIP code, county or city, demographics or other factors
  • Creation of custom sales territories based on historical performance, demographics or current leads, and assigning team members accordingly
  • Analysis of specific territories to learn more about who your customers are and create targeted marketing initiatives
  • A review of historical sales and demographic trends to better anticipate where your services will be needed in the future
  • The visualization of where your competitors are located, and any underserved areas leading to informed plans that minimize the risk of future expansions
  • Improved site selection decisions when relocating your business or adding a second location

MapBusinessOnline is designed for easy collaboration between stakeholders. The tool includes up-to-date demographic data from the most credible sources. It is a powerful, flexible platform for business region mapping that can be used by organizations of any size — in practically any industry or sector.

Where and How to Use MapBusinessOnline

Getting started with MapBusinessOnline is easy. The platform is cloud-based and compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Create business region maps by first defining the location of your stores or facilities, then importing customer address data. From there, use the system's built-in tools to create custom territories, color code regions, add notes and graphics, and more.

MapBusinessOnline comes with built-in support for sales territory and business mapping anywhere in the United States or Canada. International support will be available in the near future — contact a sales representative directly for more information.

Register for Your Free Trial Today

MapBusinessOnline is one of the most affordable, feature-packed business location mapping software platforms available. Try it risk-free with a no-obligation one-month subscription. To get started, follow the links below to create an account. In just a few minutes, you can access the program's full range of features and start creating custom business maps for U.S. and Canadian territories.