Why Your Business Needs Enterprise-Ready Business Mapping Software

From the stunningly complex to the beautifully simple, business software can help companies in new and novel ways, improving efficiency and procedures to create a more balanced and functional workplace. Among these highly useful programs is business mapping software.

Business mapping software is a type of program that leverages geographic information as a central part of its functionality. Instead of the text and table data format you see in customer relationship managers (CRM) and other sales-related software, business mapping software presents imported data in terms of address-based geographic locations. Not only does this powerful software allow for improved business visualizations, but it also helps improve business efficiency and cost savings.

Possibly the most functional and affordable mapping software on the market today is Map Business Online. We’ve been developing mapping software for over two decades, striving to provide the most effective way to maximize productivity for businesses of all sizes, up to enterprise-level corporations. MapBusinessOnline stands out for its unique certifications, full suite of features, and impressive benefits.

Certified for Enterprise

In 2016, MapBusinessOnline was proud to announce our software’s certification by the Skyhigh Networks Cloud Trust™ program. Skyhigh Networks’ unique program evaluates thousands of cloud- based services each year, putting them through a set of rigorous tests. These tests ensure any certified software meets a set of highly detailed criteria, developed by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to guarantee software’s security and functionality in real world applications.

The tested criteria fall into five primary testing regions, including:

  • Data protection: Data security is the primary concern of the Cloud Trust™ program. Evaluators closely monitor everything from internal controls to service practices, verifying the protection and maintenance of customer data. Security certifications are of particular interest to evaluators, such as those for ISO, PCI and HIPAA compliance. Data center protection measures and data backup practices are also scrutinized within this testing region.

  • Identity verification: One of the most important components of cloud security is identity verification. Ideally, each time a user attempts to access the software, they must pass multiple authentication steps, such as the traditional password, IP address checks, security questions and email or phone number verifications. Identity verification allows software to minimize access to anonymous users and track user access logs, improving security and data protection overall.

  • Service security: Meeting service security criteria involves examining the practices of the business as a whole, not just the software. Are there proper protocols in place to verify the identity and access of a user calling in to tech support? Has the support team received proper security training? To what extent can sales and support teams access customer data from their end of the system?

  • Business practices: Valid and ethical business practices are yet another criterion of the Cloud Trust™ program. While it’s expected that every business should practice ethical behavior, cloud-based software businesses are held to a higher standard due to the risks associated with their service.

    To this end, Cloud Trust™ analyzes the history and performance of each tested business, looking for red flags such as data breaches, malware hosting, infrequent security testing procedures or a history of legal and financial troubles. While these flags aren’t always indicative of future trouble, these probes can direct investigators in their examination of the business’ current status.

  • Legal protection: Legal protection is the final criterion within the Cloud Trust™ testing process. This section of testing involves probes into the software business’ practices and legal protections. From IP ownership to data sharing policies, Cloud Trust™ analyzes every part of the business’ protocols and provisions to ensure the legality of the service from head to toe.

Those businesses that achieve the highest Cloud Trust™ ratings in each criterion receive a designation of Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready. This designation indicates the software met the most stringent requirements for all five categories and is suitable for the most demanding applications. MapBusinessOnline is one of these enterprise-ready software services, meeting every Cloud Trust™ criterion to receive Skyhigh’s Enterprise-Ready stamp of approval.

This just confirms what we already know — MapBusinessOnline is the best enterprise-ready business mapping software on the market!

Enterprise-Ready Features

MapBusinessOnline is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), featuring all the data protection you need to keep your business information secure. We also provide a full suite of features to improve your business processes from the ground up. Just a few of the enterprise-ready features MapBusinessOnline offers include:

  • Data Security and Privacy: As evidenced by our Cloud Trust™ certification, MapBusinessOnline’s primary focus is your data’s security and privacy. Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure to offer the most sophisticated security features possible. MapBusinessOnline encrypts data as it crosses from device to device or datacenter to datacenter, using industry-standard encryption protocols.
    Azure also uses advanced network and threat management technology to detect any unauthorized access. The result of all these security features is mapping software that meets both international and industry-specific compliance standards.
  • Sales Territory Management: MapBusinessOnline allows you to easily create and manage up to 1,000 sales territories, either by importing them from an existing database or by building them from scratch. You can map territories, regions or franchise coverage areas based on ZIP codes, counties, states, city limits and more. You and your sales and marketing teams can even communicate regional data through the software’s interactive web maps.
  • Shared Map Editing: The collaborative map editing capabilities featured by MapBusinessOnline allow your marketing, sales and management teams to communicate more effectively. Plan strategies, derive market intelligence and coordinate operations from a single shared image. You can even designate different maps for each team if you wish.
    Any updates to the map appear in real time, updating all of your employees no matter where they are. You can also share your data maps with clients, updating them with your business’ growth and progress.
  • Advanced Business Mapping Tools: Visualize up to 250,000 locations at once. Import information from existing text, database or spreadsheet files, converting each point into visual data in a matter of minutes to better represent population, income and purchasing trends.

    Whether you are mapping 10 locations or 250,000 customers, the ability to visualize your business’ information gives you an edge over the competition by allowing you to see your data from a new, more actionable angle.
  • Optimized Travel Routing: Traveling is a key part of any sales force, with salespeople visiting both potential and established customers to help develop the relationship they have with your company. However, planning these trips can be difficult — ideally, you want to minimize travel time and maximize the time spent with your customers. MapBusinessOnline can quickly identify all customers within a given area and plan the most efficient sequence of visits.
    The software even offers turn-by-turn driving instructions for your salespeople to reference. The results are astonishing — in addition to improved productivity, you can expect improved customer relationships and more cost-effective sales and delivery trips when you use MapBusinessOnline’s optimized travel routing.
  • Customizable Graphics: Define and differentiate data easily with customizable charts and graphics. You can identify data points using various symbols, point sizes and colors, or even draw custom map areas and text boxes. Additionally, you can color code zip codes, counties or states for easier differentiation or use pie and bar charts to represent business data. You can even create a customer density heat map to better visualize your customer “hot spots.” However you want to represent your data, MapBusinessOnline can get it done.
  • Powerful Integrations: MapBusinessOnline integrates with a number of software solutions beyond business mapping, bringing you even more options. Our software integrates with ACT!, and it can also import information from QuickBooks and Salesforce.com.
    With ACT!, you can track your customer information, exporting the information to MapBusinessOnline for mapping.
    If you are using Salesforce.com or QuickBooks software, you can use MapBusinessOnline in tandem with your accounting and customer data software to create a wide variety of data maps. Whether you want to analyze your sales data or derive information about your customers, integrating your existing software with Map Business Online can help you visualize your data and maximize your functionality.
  • Intuitive Interface: While fancy desktop solutions might look flashy on the outside, the true value of an enterprise-ready system is in its ease of use. MapBusinessOnline’s interface is intuitive and easy to use for even the most inexperienced individual, making it simple to learn. Even better, if you get stuck, you can call our support team for specialized assistance.
  • Technical Support and Training: One of the most important features of our software is our excellent support team. Armed with years of quality experience, our team is always ready to assist you with whatever you may need, from training and implementation to integration and data imports. As long as you are still a MapBusinessOnline Customer, you can call our team for any issue or need that may arise.

Each one of these features has undergone analysis and clearance by the Cloud Trust™ program, ensuring each feature is safe and secure for even the largest enterprises. This means you can worry less about the security of your data and instead focus all your efforts on your business.

Enterprise-Level Benefits

These features offer enterprises new levels of functionality and efficiency, offering benefits that text and table data systems simply can’t. Some of the most impressive benefits MapBusinessOnline offers to enterprise-level users include:

  • Powerful Customer Insights: Knowing which customers want what products is crucial to effective selling. Misunderstanding demographic and sales data in your sales territories can lead to overestimations of market potential, among other errors. MapBusinessOnline helps avoid this by providing geographic context for demographic information, allowing you and your team to better understand and analyze the data so you can make the right sales and marketing decisions.

  • Balanced Workloads: Inefficient or inaccurate sales territory information can leave some of your salespeople with much more work than others. Not only can this result in reduced productivity, but it can also negatively affect your employee and customer satisfaction. For enterprise level businesses, this simply isn’t acceptable.

    MapBusinessOnline offers a solution in the form of a sales territory monitoring tool. This tool allows management to properly understand the demographic information of each area and distribute territories evenly, balancing workloads more effectively. Instead of worrying about their workload, team members can spend more time each day obtaining and serving new customers.

  • Competition Monitoring: Running a business effectively involves understanding your competition. It’s too easy to lose track of your competition’s efforts within your sales territories, misjudging their influence in any given area. With an enterprise level business mapping program, you can take the guesswork out of the equation. A mapping program can help your business analyze the geographic spread of your competition, while simultaneously helping judge their market penetration and demographic appeal. This allows you to respond to your competition’s efforts, effectively honing in on underserved markets and populations.

  • Customer Communication: Do you want to engage your clients with compelling presentations? Spreadsheets and pie charts are nice, but can get to be confusing and even boring after a while. Who wants to listen to a stream of numbers or look at a sequence of squares and circles for an hour? A map, however, is visually interesting, and it also places your data in context, making the facts and figures easier to understand. People instinctively relate to states, zip codes and counties. Whether you’re trying to convince a potential client to sign up, or updating an existing client on your business’ current efforts, sharing a visually stimulating map can help seal the deal.

  • Supply Chain Modeling: Supply chain businesses often track their information in confusing tabular data charts, resulting in mishandled data and lost business details. MapBusinessOnline, on the other hand, can help put things into perspective.
    Mapping software helps supply chain businesses visualize their supply hierarchies and delivery routes, using powerful planning and mapping features to help plan, reschedule and adjust the supply chain, minimize costs and improve overall efficiency. Drive time analysis maps are particularly interesting to supply chain managers.

  • 24/7 Access: The best part about being on the cloud? Users can access their sales mapping software from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. From sales teams traveling across the country to mangers checking in during their vacation, anyone with the proper level of access can login at any time of day or night to update the map and coordinate with colleagues.

These benefits and more maximize your productivity and profitability while driving down time wasters and travel expenses. Improved visualization and monitoring capabilities grant you and your team a more complete view of your enterprise, providing you with the information you need to make informed business decisions. That is the power of Map Business Online’s enterprise-ready mapping software.

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MapBusinessOnline & SpatialTEQ, Inc. geospatial software developers have been providing innovative sales territory mapping solutions for two decades. Since 1996, we’ve strived to help salesforces across all industries improve their productivity and efficiency. From healthcare and financial organizations to retail empires, our enterprise mapping software has given sales and marketing professionals across North America more functionality than ever before with a system that works with them to improve their business.

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