Smart, Fast & Compelling Results with Geo Mapping Software

MapBusinessOnline allows you to visualize your location-based business data with the most accurate, easy-to-navigate geo mapping software on the market.

Improve your overall business intelligence, reduce your fuel costs, and enhance location awareness by turning your current business databases into powerful map visualizations.

What Is Geo Mapping Software?

MapBusinessOnline geo mapping software allows you to access all of the location information from your current data warehouse and display it on a customizable and up-to-date business map. You can create and manage sales territories, build a heat density map of your year-to-date sales, integrate high-performance ZIP codes with marketing software, or perform market analysis for multiple locations across the country.

MBO helps you achieve a greater understanding of your business by visualizing areas where your company performs well and where it doesn’t. You’ll move from reactive to proactive by studying today’s trends geographically and then, based on your location intelligence, predict tomorrow’s sales.

How Can You Benefit From Geo Mapping Software?

Businesses across every industry are using geo mapping software to improve their daily operations as well as their long-term planning. Your operations can benefit in the following areas:

Marketing — Visualize current customers and associate key demographics to determine the best potential campaign ROI. Compare and contrast direct mail campaigns to determine optimum placements or consider outdoor billboards placements based on demographics and highway patterns.

Dispatch — Create new customer maps that automatically determine your quickest route to their jobsite, long before the first support call is placed. Be proactive from day one with geo mapping software.

Fulfillment specialists — Map where your goods are headed, so procurement and fulfillment specialists can be efficient during the busy seasons. Locate the best warehouses for pre-staging each year or start analytics processes to determine where your next server or data center should be located to meet growing demand.

Sales managers — Help your managers quickly and easily manage all of their sales teams with from a central map template generated through geo mapping software. Drive accountability into your sales organization through sales territory management. Minimize missed opportunities that falls through the cracks through spreadsheet mismanagement – let opportunity visualizations help control your processes.

Executives and leadership — Long-term growth is achieved through smart planning. When you apply geo mapping software, you visualize your current market and future opportunities which directly informs strategic planning. Use geo mapping software to consider options for new product distribution or to determine what demographics have played a role in past success.

Hospital professionals — Medical businesses are greatly expanding their use of geo mapping software. Hospitals use MBO to plan expansions, define areas of high admission rates, and to determine the most appropriate placement for home care agencies upon patient discharge. As the home care market expands home care and house call agencies use geo software to efficiently plan clinician patient visits.

Contact us today to see what MBO can do for your business. Let us help you visualize your path to growth.