Picking up the MapPoint Pieces

The discontinuation of Microsoft’s MapPoint software in 2014 left many businesses at an impasse – keep using an out of date, unsupported mapping software platform, or invest the time and expense in training staff on a new system.

With MapBusinessOnline, moving beyond MapPoint is easy. As a cloud-based business mapping software, MBO picks up where MapPoint left off, providing an intuitive tool for visualizing business data. If you’re looking for an alternative to MapPoint that combines the tools you need with up-to-date map data, look no further than MapBusinessOnline.

Assessing the MapPoint Alternatives

Microsoft’s official replacement for MapPoint, Bing Maps, offers up-to-date support and data, but little else. The new program contains a streamlined feature set that’s fine for consumer use, but lacks the in-depth insights and analytics MapPoint delivered for businesses.

MapBusinessOnline has been designed to be a seamless replacement for MapPoint that takes the features you love and modernizes them for today’s most demanding customers. Making the switch is easy and, with a free 1-month trial, it is risk-free. Keep reading to learn more about how the two programs compare or get in touch with a MapBusinessOnline representative directly for assistance.

MapBusinessOnline and MapPoint: What’s the Same and What’s Different

Here’s how MapBusinessOnline compares to the final 2014 release of MapPoint:

  • General mapping tools: Both MBO and MapPoint offer drive-time analysis, route optimization and other useful mapping tools. To pick up where MapPoint left off, MapBusinessOnline includes commonly requested features such as large format printing and tabular data window views.

  • Search and visualization tools: Just like MapPoint, MBO lets you perform spatial, radius, polygon and drive-time searches. You can also import custom symbols, symbolize and color code imported data, add notes to visualized data, and drill down on census tract or administrative districts. MapBusinessOnline takes these features even further, however, allowing you to edit imported records, color code heat maps and filter datasets.

  • Territory management tools: Both MapBusinessOnline and MapPoint allow for basic territory design and mapping. Only MapBusinessOnline lets you build territories by city, county, state Census tract, school district and ZIP code layer inside single map. You can visualize overlaps and add demographic data to your analysis.

  • Collaborative Map editing: MapBusinessOnline enables team collaboration on shared maps. Leverage the best minds from multiple departments to solve tough business challenges using location-based tools.

Aside from the above, the two biggest benefits to switching to MapBusinessOnline include its up-to-date data and unsurpassed support, and cloud-based architecture. With Map Business Online, you know you are always working with the most recent demographic and geographic data. You also know help from a team of experts is just an email or phone call away.

Like a lot of MapPoint alternative software, MBO has also made the move to the cloud. The cloud is ideal for running business mapping software, as it eliminates the need for constant updates and makes sharing data and collaborating between units easy. Unlike MapPoint, with MapBusinessOnline you can access an advanced set of tools from anywhere, using any internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Find Out Why MBO Is a Leading MapPoint Alternative

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