The Advantages of Cloud-Based Mapping Software

MapBusinessOnline was designed to be a full-featured online mapping platform that businesses can use to analyze data, make informed decisions and ultimately run a more data-driven operation. These and other tasks often require collaboration, which is why MapBusinessOnline uses a cloud-based platform.

Working in the cloud is safe, convenient and cost-effective. Keep reading to learn more about why cloud-based mapping software is the right choice for your business.

How It Works

With cloud-based mapping software, all application and user information is stored online and accessed via a web browser. This means you can view and edit your custom maps from any internet-enabled computer - Mac or PC. Simply log on to your account and go. Businesses with a Team subscription can go online and manage user credentials and access controls.

Benefits of Working in the Cloud

There are several reasons why the cloud is the preferred choice of leading businesses. With online mapping software, you can:

  • Access up-to-date files from anywhere, at any time. Work on the road or your hotel room. All you require is Internet access. MapBusinessOnline is perfect for large offices with shared workstations or for any business spread out over multiple locations or a large geographic distance.
  • Collaborate remotely with other stakeholders. MapBusinessOnline is a tool for collaboration. Build custom maps with other team members and share data between franchise locations and business units. With a cloud-based platform, you're always working with the most recent file version, so there's no worry about lost contributions or data redundancy.
  • Stay safe and secure at all times. Cloud-based software is updated automatically when new features or security patches are released. As a result, your data remains protected at all times, you avoid compatibility issues with new CRM platforms, and you never have to deal with the extended downtime of installing or updating the software. And all of your map, geographic district and demographic data is updated regularly and automatically.
  • Position your organization for growth. Adding new users or workstations to MapBusinessOnline's cloud-based mapping platform is easy. New staff can be on-boarded quickly, and outgoing team members can have their credentials instantly revoked to reduce the risk of a security breach.

All MapBusinessOnline subscribers enjoy access to world-class customer support. If there's an issue with our program or if you need assistance with any feature, the cloud makes it simple for our team to see what you are doing and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Ready to get started? See for yourself how easy it is to create a custom map online by signing up for your free trial of MapBusinessOnline using the form on this page.