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If you conduct even a quick search on Google, mapping tools can be found with relative ease. While there is no shortage of online map makers to choose from, few can deliver the combination of reliability, ease-of-use and technical support that is available from MapBusinessOnline. We've been providing innovative mapping tools since 1996 that have helped companies throughout North America enhance their business intelligence by using maps to visualize critical business data.

What Can You Do With Our Online Mapping Tool?

Our user-friendly mapping software simplifies the process of importing Excel and other spreadsheet data and using it to create illustrative web maps that can be shared online with colleagues, embedded in presentations, or large format printed. MapBusinessOnline is used to view and organize business data geographically, offering enhanced customer/product visualizations, easy sales territory management , and optimized multi-stop vehicle routing capabilities. This makes our mapping tool an invaluable asset to sales professionals, business executives, bankers and financial advisors, dispatchers and others looking to maximize the efficiency of their operation. Visualizing your business data against a map can help identify patterns, opportunities and even potential competitive threats that can have a direct impact on your business performance.

Here are just a few examples of the many ways you can use our online mapping tool:

  • Conducting market analysis by zip code, region or state
  • Planning efficient sales and delivery routes that minimize drive time, conserve fuel and maximize productivity
  • Creating color-coded density maps that highlight potential opportunities and challenges
  • Displaying resource locations that are critical to your operation
  • Creating and managing sales territories
  • Segmenting market lists by geographic area
  • Conducting an analysis of key competitors
  • Exporting geographic radius search results for use in third-party applications

What Makes Us the Fastest-Growing Business Software Provider in North America?

Eighteen years of experience and a host of cost-effective and user-friendly features are just two of the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing MapBusinessOnline as their online map maker. In addition, our customers know they can trust our mapping data because it's compiled by the world's leading GIS experts. We also provide a level of personalized technical support that our competitors cannot match. And at a low annual cost, ours is the most affordable mapping tool of its kind.

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Author: Geoffrey Ives
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