Outside Sales Mapping: Optimize Your Sales Force

Whether you're an outside salesperson or manage an outside sales team, the right sales mapping application can support and enhance your unique sales experience. MapBusinessOnline offers an affordable outside sales mapping solution equipped with a variety of user-friendly tools that can improve organization, increase efficiency and facilitate awareness of progress against sales goals and objectives.

Create Customized Maps That Represent Your Business

Use our outside sales mapping application to create sales territories that better organize your business. Develop customized maps that display sales results by territory, state or other geographic areas. Take advantage of the editable legend controls that enable your business map to accurately represent your business reality, and share it with other members of your sales team. Experience enhanced sales accountability through efficient territory mapping.

Optimize Trip Planning

For any traveling salesperson, time is money. Our outside sales mapping application can quickly create optimized multi-stop sales routes that enable salespeople to see more customers and prospects while minimizing unproductive downtime. Query your account and prospect data by circle, polygon or drive time area. Use data filter tools for further data segmentation options. Develop a customer call list within 30 minute drive time of your hotel, and create optimized routes from those drive time query results in as few as two clicks. Optimized routing also results in reduced fuel costs and greater workflow efficiency.

Maximize Lead Generation Efforts

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any successful sales force. Instead of wasting valuable time knocking on doors or thumbing through directories searching for leads, our outside sales mapping software provides instantaneous access to up-to-date prospect information while you're on the go. You'll be able to receive the latest public data on all prospects in proximity to your customers — after you make a routine service call, you can stop in and touch base with a qualified prospect located nearby.

Perform an In-Depth Market Analysis

These days, a sales territory does not remain static for long — you need to keep up with your markets as they change and evolve. Our outside sales territory management solution allows you to plot key data points on a map so you can visualize customer/prospect distribution and density and easily detect any changes that are impacting your business. You'll know when it's time to shift your focus to a specific area in your market before competitors do the same. This will also aid sales territory alignment efforts, as sales managers will be able to reallocate all available resources to ensure the most thorough market coverage.

Improve Location Awareness

Location awareness is the concept of understanding and visualizing the customer, sales, prospect and resource locations around your business. The MBO outside sales mapping application helps you visualize specified customer lists on a map, allowing you to easily identify sales opportunities and better assess your ability to meet sales quotas. Our outside sales mapping solution is compatible with any type of CRM system!

Facilitate Sales Team Coordination

In many sales operations, it takes a coordinated effort between inside and outside salespeople to maximize sales results. The MBO outside sales mapping solution allows inside salespeople to view the sales plans of outside staff members. Also, our outside sales mapping software enables the inside rep to target the outside rep's exact location throughout the day and make real-time schedule adjustments when needed.Shared maps views improve communication and re-routing opportunities, ensuring that outside salespeople won't miss out on an unexpected opportunity.

Enhance Weekly Outside Territory Management/Planning Activities

Astute sales managers integrate outside sales mapping into their planning activities. If you're a sales manager, our territory mapping tool allows you to optimize your company's CRM or SFA systems so your salespeople are spending more time in front of customers and prospects and less time traveling between appointments. You'll have access to useful information to share with your reps during your weekly team call that will assist them as they are planning their schedules for the upcoming week.

Increase Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a concept that enhances your ability to collect, organize, assess and maintain information that helps you detect and develop new opportunities. Our outside sales mapping software will give you the business intelligence you need to identify and grow new markets, evaluate the activities of your competitors and optimize your planning activities. For example, you'll be able to determine how many qualified prospects reside or operate a business within a targeted area or see if a competitor might be poised to grab some of your market share.

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