Business Map Tools – Ending the Map Geek Tyranny

You know the type – the GIS genius; the Map Geek. A wizard at converting seemingly random and disparate data sets into beautiful, graphic, and informative geospatial visualizations of your boss’ business data.  The boss loves it and that map geek just sits there, lapping up the praise.  “Why can’t I do that?” you ask yourself, and resolve to spend the next three weekends learning about mash-ups, GIS file formats, and shapefiles.

But life intervenes and your significant other expects real assistance like vacuuming, deck building, or snow shoveling around the house and you arrive at work on Monday no closer to spinning business data into visual gold; more map weak than geek.

I’ve put up with these intimidating map geeks for over a decade.  I know the smug look on their faces as they pull up “a quick PowerPoint presentation” that nails it.  Damn it!  This map intimidation ends now.

Calm down.  SpatialTEQ has a solution – an affordable and easy-to-use solution. What you need is the web-based mapping tool –  Consider MapBusinessOnline if you want to:

  • Visualize or display your sales data against a map – symbols, colors, zip-codes – the works.
  • Display a variety of resources on a map – organizations, building addresses, and territories.
  • Color-code your data for visual clarity by state, city, county, or zip-code.
  • Classify your data visualization by value or quantity. Show counts by zip.
  • Conduct a radius or polygon search of an area to select data just within that area.
  • Determine who is the closest to a given target, customer, or resource.
  • Create a target marketing list by geography and export that data as a spreadsheet.
  • Create map visualizations for Power Point Presentations, documents, or just on-line sharing.
  • Route a vehicle from point A to point B.
  • Print maps or save maps to graphic file formats for sharing.

I’ve been selling mapping, GPS and GIS tools for over a decade now. I’m no better at building an advanced GIS than you are. But I’ve learned what the average, decent, and good intentioned business person is looking for in an on-line mapping tool.  MapBusinessOnline goes a long way towards providing those tools:

MapBusinessOnline provides an accurate and beautiful web-map. It’s sourced from SpatialTEQ’s business partner, the Big Kahuna of advanced mapping and GIS. Esri builds their web-map using the best and most up-to-date map data available from sources like Nokia Navteq, TomTom, and LeadDog. 

MapBusinessOnline is designed for the mapping novice. All you need to know is how to click a button and find your Excel spreadsheet on your PC.  The product includes an intuitive tool bar and an FAQ/Help button.  And you can email support questions at any time.  Any question is OK to ask.

About Geoffrey Ives

Geoffrey Ives lives and works in southwestern Maine. He grew up in Rockport, MA and graduated from Colby College. Located in Maine since 1986, Geoff joined DeLorme Publishing in the late 1990's and has since logged twenty-five years in the geospatial software industry. In addition to business mapping, he enjoys playing classical & jazz piano, gardening, and taking walks in the Maine mountains with his Yorkshire Terrier named Skye.
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