Map Business Online Demographic Data for Decision Making

It’s important that web map visualizations be meaningful to both the creator and viewer of business maps.  Map Business Online can help you easily create such meaningful maps.  However, making it meaningful depends, in large part, on the data that is imported into the mapping application.  That data must be important to users of the map.  So, in order to demonstrate how cool a map can be I found data that was important to my wife Barbi and me.

My wife would like to move far away from Maine to a warmer climate with more interesting shopping opportunities. And, I suppose I’ll go with her.  So where are we going to move to?  I figured finding a state with the most people in our age bracket in a southern local is what we’re looking for.  That way the grocery stores will always have plenty of prunes and Metamucil. Map Business Online now includes basic census data I can use to build map views.  I quickly classified the states by population ages of 50 through 54 (green).  Looks like my choices are California, Texas, or Florida.


California serves too much hot food.  I’ve had to evacuate Texas twice for hurricanes in the past ten years, and I don’t even live there.  Turns out we both love to see alligators so let’s try Florida. 

Now, when we move down to Florida we want to rub elbows with the 1%. In Maine we can’t find any.  Based on Map Business Online Census data, here’s where a good chunk of them live in Florida (see the hot pink?):

So, Tampa is our future home town.  And I checked and our favorite Maine restaurant is down there too!

If we do get Warren Buffet to go out to eat with us, I hope he likes the all day breakfast special.  I hope he’s not Vegan like Bill Clinton. 

Thanks to Map Business Online we’ve planned our next move.

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