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Color Coding and Symbolizing Your Data in Map Business Online

Business mapping software offers a geographic background for your business data. How do you choose which data visualization tools to use? Let’s start with Symbology for this blog post. Remember, you are importing your business data as a spreadsheet with … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated – Thoughts on Complex Mapping with Business Mapping Software

Sometimes the business mapping answers you want are found through complex operations. You may desire to find out all of the locations that do not have any associated data points within a fifty mile radius. Or you may want to … Continue reading

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How Can Business Mapping Software Help Plan Business Expansion?

Congratulations! Your business is going well and you are seriously considering expanding. How can business mapping software help? Usually business expansion means catering to more customers or moving into new markets. Often these new markets are defined geographically. Perhaps you … Continue reading

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A Healthy Way to Apply Business Mapping Tools

Here’s a business idea that’s going to make someone a lot of money – fast-healthy-food. You can send me a royalty check if you make a go of it. Ever been pressed for time in the city and you have … Continue reading

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