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With the release of 4.3 last week, Map Business Online now includes a map templates folder. Map templates are used to store a map you’ve created that you’d like to use as a starting point for future maps. Map templates were a commonly requested feature by business mapping software users across a variety of industries and applications.

Here are a few examples of how a Map Business Online subscriber might use a map template:

Sales territory mapping – A saved territory map template could be used to generate individual territory maps for use in one-on-one sales meetings with your team
Customer mapping – A template customer map for the current sales year is a good place to start when developing sales reports against goals for your business strategy meetings
• Competitor maps – By saving a competitor map template, you’ll have a place to begin from when analyzing the latest competitive retail threats to your retail store or chain. Retail mapping
• Ex-BusinessMap or Ex-MapPoint users may want to test new maps in MapBusinessOnline as they learn the new tools. Templating will help them build new maps slowly as they try their BusinessMap and MapPoint replacement.

Templates should be used for maps that reflect your relatively static business data like major account lists, vendor locations, or senior sales rep territories. Additional data layers or imported data edits can be added to the map template and the new map can be saved as a standard map with a new name or even as a new template. In this way your original template will be preserved. You can also update data on the map template file and save that template again to preserve changes, there-by updating your template.

The Map Business Online map template dialog appears when you save maps, or when you choose to create a new map. Simply choose a name for your template and choose My Templates option from the Select Maps Folder.

To select a template for use in creating a new map click the Create New Map button – number 1 on the Tool Bar – and select My Templates in the Select Map templates folder. Choose your template and begin mapping. Remember – when you save changes Map Business Online assumes you’re creating a new map file – not a template. To save changes to your template click the Save Map icon and choose the My Templates option in the Select maps folder.

A map template will preserve your exact map as you saved it. It will include the work you’ve done and saved on your map view – territories, color coding, symbolization and imported data layers – the works.

You will notice upon creating a new map that Default Map is listed as an option in Map Templates. The default map template is the plain map you are used to when starting a new map from scratch in Map Business Online.

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