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Map Business Online business mapping software is utilized across a variety of vertical markets but the market most often applying our data visualization tools is the healthcare market. Applications within healthcare vary widely. Hospitals use the tool to plan expansions or simply get a visualization of medical resources across a target area. Home health care agencies use the tool to organize their field staff and supplement scheduling processes with the Map Business Online multi-stop route planner and patient location visualizations. Insurance companies use the tool to organize marketing campaigns, visualize claims by location, or plan nation-wide events that engage the public.

Enter Tracy Ferren from Ascend356 – I first met Tracy a few years back when he called asking questions about how to apply Map Business Online to sales and marketing territory management. Since that time Tracy has become somewhat of an expert on Map Business Online himself. Ascend356 consults with a variety of healthcare related organizations about their field staff requirements, marketing efforts, web-site development, and capital equipment availability.

One element of Tracy’s consulting practice is to provide the tools and process for powerful map visualizations. That’s where Map Business Online comes in real handy. Tracy’s medical customers include medical device companies that sell capital equipment and at times consumables. Tracy sets up map visualizations that display medical facility points color coded by equipment concentrations, all this against a background of sales territories by county or zip code. Sales territory mapping provides health care organization with clear coverage areas and sales accountability zones. These Map Business Online visualizations also help Ascend356’s map audience assess equipment allocations, and track waste products for disposal compliance. Data layers can be exported from the map for use in third party applications or for record keeping.

Ascend356 also provides a rapid operational analysis that thoroughly assesses territory size by matrix. That matrix can include surgery count, bed count, number of hospitals in a system, or any number of customer selected criteria. Tracy points out, “Map Business Online is a powerful tool that allows me to easily extract, sort, and analyze data by territory, zone, or region.” I would add that Tracy has provided valuable Map Business Online customer feedback and feature recommendations that often become part of the Map Business Online feature set.

There’s almost no end to how map visualizations can help a medical organization better manage their business. Part of the power of Map Business Online is that simple instant awareness that occurs when a human being views a map. Maps connect people and organizations with places, to state the obvious. Once that recognition takes place, additional data only expands the viewers understanding. For instance, when a field manager views Tracy’s map she can quickly understand where the facility is located, what its coverage area is, its bed capacity, and the critical disciplines supported by the particular medical team.

Market Analysis
From a marketing perspective Ascend356 can provide a soup to nuts solution that goes way beyond mapping and geographic marketing analysis. Ascend356 offers web-site development services, SEM and SEO support, as well as expertise in email and online marketing approaches. And nobody understands how overwhelming the current marketing technologies can be better than I do. SEO/SEM consulting services pay-back can be outstanding. Because we’ve all got plenty to deal with in managing our day-to-day business without have to hold SEO séances that try to predict the impact of the latest Google update. With apologies to the Google SEO robot.

Tracy Ferren and Ascend356 are consulting engineers who add tremendous value to standard software applications – in mapping and in general sales and marketing. You should call contact them with your questions.

We’d love to understand how your business can add value to Map Business Online just like Ascend356, but perhaps in your particular vertical market. Contact Map Business Online and let us know. Sharing our mutual success stories will only benefit our companies in our shared markets. After all, it’s all about SEO today – blog it, Tweet it, share it, and hope that somebody clicks on it besides my mom. Did I say that out loud?

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