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For good reason both large and small businesses are worried about data security. It feels like we read about data breaches in the news almost every day. While at the same time, desktop software is steadily giving way to web-based or cloud service software because cloud services require less infrastructure, software updates are automatic, and these online tools are usually much more affordable. How can a business decision maker reconcile these two trends and feel their business data is safe and secure?

Data security demands that business managers remain both cognizant and vigilant. We must stay aware of the challenges facing data privacy and be on guard for missteps and violations. Part of data vigilance is making sure certain business data sets are never uploaded to shared applications – on the desktop or the web. Personal data like social security numbers, credit card account numbers, and patient identity data are all extremely private and require rigid rules of access and distribution. This is your business’ responsibility. Make sure your business’ super sensitive data is never released for business analysis. Be vigilant by establishing and adhering to strict rules around your sensitive data management and make sure all employees and contractors adhere to your policies.

Map Business Online Data Protections
Here at Map Business Online, a web-based cloud service, we take data security very seriously. Our customers come to us from health care, financial services, national retail chains, franchise organizations, and a host of other vertical markets. So whether we’re talking about HIPAA concerns, bank accounts, credit card data, or just business intelligence, our customers share a strong desire to keep their business data well protected. Our customers depend on our data security vigilance. is a business data visualization tool. Data visualization is the core value of business mapping software. So, if you are using a businessmap, you are using it specifically to import business data onto a map, usually to develop shared data visualizations for constituents, clients, and employees.

Map Business Online collects certain personal information such as your name, e-mail address, and postal address, in our registration processes, to improve the services we offer to you, to communicate with you about Map Business Online services, and to provide effective customer support when needed.

When you plot a database on a digital map using Map Business Online we process the data on our servers. We extract only the data columns that you designate to be used on the map. We delete original data files immediately after the designated data has been extracted. We store selected data columns for you in our access-protected-database in encrypted form.


Any and all data that is imported into Map Business Online is encrypted. Not all Cloud services provide encryption. Map Business Online applies best practices, standard data encryption algorithms that work at the account level and make routine business mapping sessions extremely difficult for evil doers to access.

Cloud Hosted Services

Software products typically offered as a Cloud or web-based service are served over the Internet by a cloud hosting agent. Map Business Online is hosted by Microsoft Azure, out of Atlanta, GA. Microsoft Azure is reliable, advanced, fast, and provides security compliant protocols that protect client software platforms and assure general security compliance for hosted applications. This means applications served up over the Azure cloud can comply with specific industry security requirements. Read more here: Microsoft Azure

Azure is one of several large and secure hosting agents available in the USA. Any of these cloud services spend a great deal of time and money making sure all of their services are secure. Map Business Online engineers comply with Azure policies and recommendations to assure hosting services remain secure across all transactions.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocols

MapBusinessOnline applies Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols to all business mapping web sessions specifically to protect user security across all transactions. SSL ensures that all business transactions, be they e-commerce or data analysis related, are kept private. Look for the S after HTTP in web URLs, and check for the Pad Lock symbol on any website to make sure SSL security settings are in place. Click the Globe icon to the left of our URL text to read about Map Business Online security settings. Read more about SSL security protocols here:

Map Business Online requires that all users logging into the application use their email address and a specific password. Your password prevents random users from accessing your account and viewing your maps and imported data layers. In fact, Map Business Online software engineers and employees cannot access your maps or view your business data. We have metering tools that let us monitor how much data you’ve imported, how many maps you’ve stored, how many routes you’ve developed but we cannot access your maps without security keys and software development.

The only way evil doers can access your saved Map Business Online maps is if you provide them with your login credentials including the correct password. Map Business Online does allow for shared web maps, and shared business map URL’s include password protection options. We encourage all business map users to share maps and imported business data only under password protection. And, if your data is not for public viewing consider not sharing it at all.

We can’t claim that Map Business Online is not 100% secure from privacy and data violation events. No cloud software service or desktop software can provide that level of protection. But through vigilance and through the assignment of proactive controls over your data sharing activities your business can remain confident that your business is at minimal risk of a major data breach through our business mapping services.

We encourage your feedback, questions, or suggestions about data security or any other business related matter.

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