Calculating Demographic Data Columns in Map Business Online

Map Business Online business mapping software includes access to demographic data with each subscription. Canada and the UK have basic demographic data options. The USA version offers a comprehensive library of demographic data layers beyond just population and household income. You’ll find ethnicity, age, gender, occupation, housing, and more demographic layers to work with. You can easily explore the data options by taking the thirty day FREE trial. In this way Map Business Online is truly a demographic mapping software.

Within our demographic data offering are categories of demographic information broken down by age, year, or other segments. You might import your own demographic data with similar separated categories. Map Business Online provides calculating tools to combine these demographic gradations into one layer for a succinct presentation on your map. These tools are advanced. Any user can access this functionality, but it is advanced.

Once you realize you want to combine demographic layers, go to or open the Map & Data Tab. Choose any Map Layer like states, county or zip code. Hover over the layer and click the Edit Gear. Once inside that layer’s editing function choose Manage Calculated Data Columns.

This opens up the Calculate Data Column’s dialog. At the bottom choose Add Data Column. In this dialog usually the Demographic Data Options are preselected. But you will note in the drop down, you could choose data you’ve imported.

Be sure to Name the data you are about to create. For this I might name it Ages 65 and Up. But the naming is up to you. It helps you identify your data when you map it in a few minutes.

Looking at the demographic data layers on the left, scroll up and down the list to find the data you want to combine. In this example, we’re interested in all elderly people from age 65 and up. So, starting at population in the age bracket 65 to 69, we selected the layer and click the right directed blue arrow to add that layer to our combination operation. Then just go back and get age brackets 70-74, 75 to 79, 80 to 84, and (everyone’s favorite) 85 years and older.

Once you’ve got them all moved to the right, click the Add Data Column button which will show you the Manage Calculation dialog again, now with a New Column listed. You’ll note there is a Divide/Multiply option in the calculation process so you could apply division and multiplication operations if you had additional factors to consider.

From the Manage Calculation dialog, if you need to you can change the name of the data you created. Just click the Edit Gear and have at it.

Now, return to your map view. Choose the Three Puzzle Piece icon to create a demographic map by state, county or zip code. When you arrive at the Setup Color Coding page in the dialog process, click the drop down arrow to select your data. Choose the “Calculated” option that is listed there now. You should find your data listed there. Apply it as you normally would.

Your Calculated data result will also be available for use in Market Area and Sales Territory analysis datasets. You can even sum data components from different originating datasets – just make sure you are combining apples and apples.

Thus you are able to combine multiple data layers into one data layer within Map Business Online. When will we stop improving this product?

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