Map Business Online Now Integrated with Act! – But why?

Over the last six months Map Business Online has been upgraded to integrate with both Act! and Users of both of these popular CRM systems should find this upgrade extremely convenient for viewing contacts and prospects against an accurate map, creating marketing campaigns based on map filters, and for achieving more effective route optimizations.

Business Mapping and Customer Relationship Management are natural technology partners. Both Act! and users apply their CRM software to their customer lists. These powerful software products allow sales and marketing teams to organize their customer and prospect lists for more effective utilization in sales campaigns and general lead management. The critical element for sales people is to make sure to actually use the CRM systems provided.

For both Act! and integrations Map Business Online provides an easy-to-access import process. Act! users can actually export their list of customers directly to Map Business Online from within Act! to build customer maps. users launch Map Business Online and proceed with an import process that offers Salesforce data, contacts, prospects, or accounts, as an import options. Map Business Online is a true sales mapping software.

Act! users will also find an easy ability to create vehicle routing stop lists from their Act! dashboard. They can choose to export a segment of customers specifically for generating an optimized sales call route. This makes the tool perfect for the individual sales person who wants an efficient route focused on a particular city or hotel location. The Map Business Online multi-stop route planner is derived from the base map data. It takes into consideration road classifications, bridges, turn restrictions, and speed limits to develop the most efficient way to get from a starting point through a list of stop required for the day or the week.

Both Act! and integrations with Map Business Online offer an on-map tool bar button that lets the user view the customer record all the way back in the CRM database. Just click a point on the map and hit that CRM button on the mini-toolbar and you are viewing your contact details in your Act! or CRM.

Those are the major features of the integration. However, the real power of Map Business Online for CRM users goes way beyond these direct integration conveniences. As a CRM user and Map Business Online subscriber you now have access to some pretty cool benefits:

Business Data Visualizations – At the click of a mouse you can visualize a segment of your customer list on a map. You can see where your customers cluster and more importantly, where they do not cluster. No sales or marketing strategy is complete without map visualizations
Sales Territory Mapping – You CRM environment now has direct access to Sales Territory Management. You’ll be able to clearly define who calls on specific areas of interest for your company. You can show overlapping territories, query accounts by territory, and publish and share periodic performance results using shared maps. Business maps define sales accountability for CRM organizations. Use them!
Shared Map Editing – Map Business Online can be used to set up teams of collaborative map editors. These share map projects can further drive results within your organization. Collaboration leverages your best minds towards your toughest problems. You will encourage cross department problem solving with shared map editing. Team editing is perfect for sales territory sharing, market analysis, and customer payment monitoring.
Market Analysis has many elements that are enhanced through the application of business mapping. With Map Business Online you can bring demographic analysis to every map view your make. A competitor map view will reveal places you may want to consider or stay away from. And Map Business Online’s advanced Market Analysis tool lets you compare two data sets to derive distance matrixes or query records around multiple points.
Classify & Color Code – Symbolization options abound with Map Business Online – import your own symbols or use the heat map view to liven up your business maps. The beauty of Map Business Online is its ability to customize your map based on your terminology, your business data, and your organization’s goals and objectives.
Access Geographic Layers – Every business has their own work flows and often they involve zip code look ups or zip code maps, county views, or some other district level operation on a map. Access these map layers in Map Business Online for use in your particular business model. Share view-only maps with constituents at no cost.
Up-to-date Map Data – Finally, view a business map with updated and accurate road maps and addressing. Throw out that old MapPoint mapping with the outdated maps. Map Business Online will geocode your address databases faster and more accurately than any mapping application you’ve tried. And if a point doesn’t geocode (locate), for whatever reason, you’ll have an opportunity to correct it.

All this is what I mean when I say that Map Business Online is the perfect complementary software for a CRM organization. Expand the reach of your CRM tools through business mapping. Explore the power of adding up to 100,000 customer locations per map to your business map view. Extend the strategic vision of your organization through the power of location based market analysis.

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