The Top Ten Questions About Map Business Online

People come to use for business mapping software from all walks of life and with a variety of backgrounds, some technical, some not so much. It’s our job to answer their questions and get them business mapping quickly. Here’s a list of the top ten technical calls and email subjects we address:

My Sales Territory Doesn’t Include Point Zip Codes – That’s right. Territories are based on geographies – zip code areas with physical boundaries. The USPS zip code list includes more than 5,000 point zip codes for places like military installations, hospitals, sky scrapers, assisted living centers and any building with the word Trump on it. If you import an address that includes a point zip code it will always place accurately on the Map Business Online map(unless the zip code itself is wrong.)  And any sales or numeric data associated with a point zip codes included in datasets and geolocated in Map Business Online will be included in any aggregations in your analysis. We’ve even included an up-to-date list of all postal codes (boundary and point), that identifies the zip types:

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I Can’t Get Sales Territory Labels to Display – Simply hold down the Control Key on your keyboard and double click a territory area. Viola!

My Map & Data Box is Gone – Look at the entire map rectangle on your screen. Look to the far left of that map rectangle. In the exact middle of the left hand vertical border you will find a light blue arrow tab. Click it!  Viola! again.

Where’s My Map Legend – Go to the Map & Data Box. Click the Edit Gear along that short Map & Data tool bar. Look to the bottom and click Edit legend and then make sure to check the Show Map Legend box.  That makes it display.

My Mother In-law Doesn’t Like Me. What do I do? – Get a job. And stop rolling your eyes every time she complains.

My Base Map Disappeared – Sometimes users import more than twelve datasets. This can make the map behave in weird ways – like a disappearing background map. We recommend consolidating datasets whenever possible – especially for like data records. Delete a few datasets and things will be as normal.  I’ve seen customers plot points manually through the address bar, save one point as a dataset and then another as a dataset.  We recommend you either add these point to one dataset or import a dataset of records from a spreadsheet.

I Can’t Access Premium Layers – You need a full year subscription to access Census Tracts, Zip 3’s, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, City Limits and other premium layers.

I Can’t Import More than 1,000 Records – The FREE trial lets you import up to 1,000 location records to the map. You need a full year subscription to import up to 100,000 location records per map or the 90-day subscription to import up to 5,000 records.

Where is the Undo Button? – This is your lucky day.  We have two undo/redo buttons. Look for the reversing Blue Arrows above the master tool bar to the right of the Address Bar. That’s good for undoing operations on the map like territory set-up or radius search. For navigation undo-ing, use that similar reversing Blue Arrows on the Navigation/Zoom tool in the upper right corner of the application.

I saw my daughter’s picture on Tinder. What do I do? – Wash your eyes out with soap and water, then consider joining a monastery in southern France.

I can’t find my saved map! – Start a new map by clicking the Create New Map button, then click on the Open Save Map folder icon. This opens up your Map Library.  You’re Welcome!

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Geoffrey Ives lives and works in southwestern Maine. He grew up in Rockport, MA and graduated from Colby College. Located in Maine since 1986, Geoff joined DeLorme Publishing in the late 1990's and has since logged twenty-five years in the geospatial software industry. In addition to business mapping, he enjoys playing classical & jazz piano, gardening, and taking walks in the Maine mountains with his Yorkshire Terrier named Skye.
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