What We Did with Our MBO Summer Vacation

Map Business Online software developers have been busy this summer.

Map Business Online Desktop

Map Business Online business mapping software is now available as a desktop option. Let’s be clear about what we mean by “desktop” option.

The standard version of Map Business Online has always been accessible through common web browsers – Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Edge), and Safari. I’ve used Map Business Online on Opera too. There’s real convenience in being able to access business maps from a browser based application:

  • Access your maps from anywhere
  • Software updates happen automatically
  • No need to dedicate huge chunks of desktop memory to business mapping
  • Tinder notifications are right there in the same browser (I kid!)

However, we have listened to a segment of users who do not particularly enjoy using browser-based tools. For these people we have released MBO Desktop.

Map Business Online Desktop is still a cloud based software, it just doesn’t use a web browser to display Map Business Online. MBO desktop works on both Macs and PC devices; it works even on tablets. It does not require Adobe Flash Player to render the maps. All of Map Business Online standard features are included in MBO Desktop.

If you already own a subscription to MBO you can simply download the tool and give it a whirl. On the MapBusinessOnline.com website you’ll notice a new tab for “Desktop.” Or just go to: https://www.mapbusinessonline.com/Desktop-Map.aspx

Let us know what you think.

Demographic Data Update – 2014

You may not have noticed but in late July we quietly updated our demographic data options. The US Census Bureau has released a 2014 update which is now included in Map Business Online. With this update we’ve added categories including: Marital status, family increments, household increments/details, and household income.  No Canadian or UK demographic updates at this time.

To quickly view demographic data options in Map Business Online conduct a radius search and click the Summation Button – Summary.

The Software Development Kit (SDK)

We’re now including a data and routing SDK. Use this software development kit to programmatically access data from within MBO for use in third-party software. You’ll need a programmer on your end to do this, so make sure your favorite developer is available and willing. You’ll find information and a download here: https://www.mapbusinessonline.com/Map-SDK.aspx or look for the SDK tab on the website.

Let us know how you use this valuable tool. We’ll be adding more features over time.

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