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This week Christmas came early to my Map Business Online office here in Western Maine. Outside the landscape was yuletide ready with a solid six inches of snow on the ground and well below zero wind chills, forcing me to stoke the wood stove with a few extra sticks of wood from the woodpile.

Last week ,we sent out December’s email newsletter – Your Business Map. In addition to features and tips it highlighted several critical new elements in our business mapping software evolution.

The Map Business Online website now includes a dedicated security section that talks about all the things we do to keep imported user data, and users in general, safe and secure while online. This includes our recent certification by the Skyhigh Networks CloudTrust program. Skyhigh performs an independent thorough review of enterprise level cloud service candidates and we are proud to be welcomed into their fold. In 2016 Map Business Online was also reviewed and approved by Veracode at the behest of a top ten property and casualty insurer, through static and dynamic code scans.  Security is a top priority at Map Business Online.

This week also marked the publication of our Business Mapping for the Enterprise landing page.  Here we describe many of the reasons large and small businesses should consider Map Business Online for their business mapping needs.

But my real Christmas gift was this. Our most recent newsletter invited customers to review Map Business Online through Capterra’s software review platform. We got a little less than one hundred reviews – although they are still coming in. Read them here:

These customer reviews repeated four aspects of Map Business Online that both large and small business should pay careful attention to:

1.       Map Business Online is a great replacement for Microsoft MapPoint, especially if you’re managing territories or conducting market analysis

2.       Map Business Online is very easy to learn and use. And if you get stuck we’re standing by to help

3.       You won’t find a more affordable solution. Go ahead. Try. Let me know if you find one

4.       Territory managers, marketing folks and sales planners just love Map Business Online

A growing list of Map Business Online users are applying team collaborative mapping  tools to their business challenges. Sharing maps for co-editing can be a game changer for some organizations or simply a more efficient way to manage a team of map creators in other companies. Which ever category your company falls into, it may be well worth your while to try collaborative map editing.

And now, let’s all try to take a break from mapping and online business for a few days. Enjoy your family and friends over the holidays.

Have a happy and safe holiday!

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