How Do I Share My Map with Map Viewers?

Maps are for sharing. Most of us don’t create detailed business maps just to store in our secret diary. No way. Maps overlaid with business data are generally created for the benefit of an audience, to describe a situation geographically.  Business mapping software provides situational awareness and must be shared in some way.

Print Your Map

There are many ways to share a business map. A basic, old school method is to print the map and hand it to your associate. Printed maps can be printed on your desktop printer in regular 8.5 x 11 size or printed on a plotter from saved large-format PDF files.  Printed maps are appropriate for sharing basic information that doesn’t change often, like a coverage area or directions to a facility.

In MapBusinessOnline static map image files can be saved and shared as JPEGs, and PNG files, as well as PDF files. These image files are a good way to store a map view for later reference, or simply fire off an email with a map file related to the subject matter at hand.  Static image files are not interactive they are simple image files; a picture really.

Go Interactive

A more interactive solution for map sharing is to generate an interactive shared map. In MapBusinessOnline, map sharing lets the user share an interactive map with constituent non-subscribing map viewers. Your sharing audience can explore the map to their liking, zooming into street level detail or panning all over the world. A shared map allows map viewers to create multi-stop optimized routes, view data layers, click on points, and even query data for export. At the same time, an MapBusinessOnline shared map is protected from editing. Your constituents have view only privileges, no map editing allowed.

Interactive shared maps are great for call center look ups, sales territory map sharing, or traveling clinician map sharing. Any map exercise that supports sharing information but needs to protect the original map from editing.

How do I share my map with map viewers?

  1. Create and save your business map. Remember what you save is what you will share
  2. Make sure your Map Viewers to download the MapBusinessOnline Map App, a free download
  3. Click the Share Interactive Map button on the MapBusinessOnline toolbar and choose Public Sharing
  4. Enable data exporting and password protection as required
  5. Click the Share Map button in the lower right hand corner
  6. Copy the generated URL and paste the link into an email or simply click Show e-mail button to generate an email from your default email tool
  7. Send your map share email
  8. Your Map Viewer clicks the link in the email and MapBusinessOnline launches to the shared map view. Easy!

The Map Share dialog

Advanced users should consider sharing MapBusinessOnline live using a web-share application like Join.Me. Great for training or interactive meetings.

Read more about the Map App Viewer App here.

Why Shared Map Editing?
You’ve heard the phrase, two heads are better than one. Well this age-old concept applies to strategic planning through maps too. Collaborative map editing leverages the ideas of multiple map editors. Your company gets the benefit of team collaboration when solving location-based business challenges:

Sales territory management collaboration encourages greater accountability across the organization and assures data updates happen in a timely fashion. Share sales goals and objectives and publish periodic results through shared maps.
Collaboration on operational maps ensures cross-department assessment of business challenges such as balancing cost savings strategies against customer service tactics. Get accounting and sales to share responsibility for the same problem
• Shared map editing can bridge the time gaps left by 24/7 operating schedules as teams of editors have the ability to update map data and assure the most recent data gets shared to the most important map audience
Market analysis maps can be collaborative too, bridging the gap between agency and client in a visual way. Tweaking demographic map views and market areas of interest can lead to faster solutions for campaign development and management
• Collaborative maps are a great way to share updated business information with teams of free viewers. Map editors keep the shared data fresh and accessible for your field of map viewers. Fresh data leads to better and faster decision-making.

Edit Worthy or Free Map Viewer?
Creating a team of map editors means your business needs to decide who will be on each team. How many of your employees are map edit worthy? This critical decision will determine how much you spend on subscriptions per year.

Each full year subscription provides team editing subscribers with the ability to share up to 1200 FREE MapShare sessions per year. These are free interactive publicly shared map sessions designed for non-editing map viewers. You, as a map editor get to share 200 sessions at no charge with your map viewing audience. They can pan/zoom, query, filter, export and route – but free viewing users cannot edit the map. If you require significantly more map views than available with the subscription, we can provide expanded views for a reasonable fee. For most businesses the free MapShare allowance is more than enough shared map views.

So, a prospective buyer of MapBusinessOnline should consider how many of your map users are editors and how many are map viewers. This will significantly impact your initial pricing. Who on your team is edit-worthy? And consider that you can always purchase a subscription for up and coming editors a little later.

Another consideration, as you estimate free viewership requirements, is that people do not click on maps as much as you expect them to. Sure, at first your shared map might get a whole bunch of clicks as people test the link (and we do not count first launch views in hit/click calculations). But in the longer run, you’ll find people click on these links only when they have to. You’ll have a few map geeks that really love the map and for the rest it’s a big yawn. Evidently they’ve got better things to do. So don’t over think your free MapShare requirement. To encourage use, make the free map view part of your process.

Private Sharing – Collaborative Map Editing

Private Sharing/Team Mapping is for sharing maps between full subscribing users as a way to share map editing privileges. This is an advanced use of the MapBusinessOnline application. Consider this approach for team problem solving challenges. Go to Shared Map Editing for Business Workgroups to learn more.

We recommend users access MapBusinessOnline via the downloadable Map App.

The Map App install is fast and easy. The Map App is a cloud-based service, once you’ve logged in you’ll have access to all of your previously saved maps and data. The Map App is a better user experience and provides access to more features than the Web App. The Flash-based Web App link will remain available until December 15, 2020.

The Map App includes the new Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

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