SpatialTEQ Inc. Releases Map Business Online 5.0 – Advanced Territory Mapping

We’re very excited about this latest Map Business Online software update:

CORNISH, ME (May 22, 2017) — SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s fastest growing business mapping software, today announced the release of Map Business Online(Map Business Online) 5.0, advanced territory design and management for sales organizations, and medium to large enterprises.  Building upon current territory mapping capabilities, Map Business Online now supports the creation of hierarchical territories, such as territories, regions, and divisions.

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Map Business Online 5.0 enhancements reflect a careful assessment of customer requests, especially those submitted by large enterprise users seeking business mapping alternatives following the cancelation of Microsoft MapPoint.  “Our customer base grew rapidly following MapPoint’s exit,” explained SpatialTEQ President Geoffrey Ives. “We’ve tried to pay careful attention to this core group of business mapping software users, often large USA industrial clients. MapPoint left a big hole in the mapping software market and Map Business Online is working diligently to satisfy those requirements. We just made flexible more affordable, with regard to territory mapping.”

Territory Design Enhancements

While Map Business Online has always supported the creation and maintenance of territories, Map Business Online 5.0 elevates the control of territories and market areas of interest to the level of map layer. This means territories are now controlled in the same way counties, states, and ZIP codes are controlled. Map Business Online territories now include control over boundary line color and thickness. Territories may be color-shaded according to territory demographics or aggregated imported data. Color shading is now adjustable by a transparency scroll bar. Each territory, region, and division now includes a notes section for text describing territory creation logic, creation dates, or other related references.

Hierarchical Territory Support

With Map Business Online 5.0, territory map managers will be able to create territories within regions, and regions within divisions, all based on the same geographic map layer – a choice of Census tracts, ZIP codes, cities, counties, MSA’s, and states. This hierarchical territory design is critical for businesses with nationwide sales organizations, sales management tiers, or complex distribution networks.

Independent territory boundary control is now available and applies to territory, region and division layers, with the ability to adjust border line color and eliminate internal boundaries. Users may edit layer nomenclature to match their business’s terminology; change region to zone, or division to district.   In addition, territory labeling now supports referential data display from up to five data source columns. Territory labeling data source options include demographic data layers, calculated data, or imported business data layers.

Reverse and Intersecting Spatial Searches

Map Business Online spatial search capabilities have also been enhanced. Map Business Online now allows the user to request a reverse or inverse spatial search.  Queries typically search map objects like circles and polygons, returning all records within a searched object by data layer. With Map Business Online 5.0, a user may request a reverse query search for all records outside of a map object. Reverse spatial search is a powerful tool for the assessment of territory accountability outside of existing account assignments. An intersecting search command enables data searches across two map objects at the same time.

Additional New Features in Map Business Online 5.0

In conjunction with advanced territory support Map Business Online 5.0 will also include:

  • One click Table Summary view of all territories for easy data append and export
  • Data Window ability to merge imported data and territory designation for easy export
  • Spatial searches by territory and territory groupings are now allowed
  • Territory editing tools’ list now includes Intersection and Compliment options
  • Enhanced Data Window and map level territory views and controls

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