Five Questions You Can Answer With Demographic Mapping

Demographic data from a national census or another reputable source can provide rich context to your sales territories and related goals and objectives. When it comes to your business, raw numbers don’t tell the entire story. The more you can know about your customers — including where and how they live — the better equipped you will be to meet their needs with appropriate marketing promotions and initiatives.

Map Business Online is one of the few business mapping software platforms to incorporate current census data from U.S., UK and Canadian sources. With it, you can create complex, illustrative maps that let you know more about your customers and the people in your service area. In this article, we look at five questions you can answer with a demographic map.


  1. Who Are My Customers — and What Do They Need?

You may think you know who your customers are, but a brief interaction doesn’t tell the whole story. Especially if you make most of your sales online, a census data map can be a highly useful tool. Import your customer address lists into Map Business Online. Use the tool to view customers against ZIP codes. Now consider household income by ZIP code or determine average age or gender, among other factors related to your customers. What do common demographic categories tell you about your customers?

  1. Who Are We Not Reaching?

A census demographic map also provides information about who your customers aren’t. Use it to find out what demographics are gravitating toward your competitors and pinpoint areas and individuals that aren’t being reached at all. With the insights gained from a demographic map, you can develop more effective marketing and identify gaps in your current lineup of products or services.

  1. Where Can We Find More Customers?

One of the easiest ways to grow your business with a minimal amount of risk is simply to find more customers. A census demographic map helps you pin down who your “typical” customer is in terms of age, background, income and other factors. Using Map Business Online, you can find ZIP codes, counties and other geographic regions that fit a similar profile as your current hot spots, and direct sales and marketing resources there.

A Dot Density Map Visualization

  1. Where Can We Expand?

If you’re already making the most of your existing team, it may be time to expand to a new location or franchise your business. Census mapping can be used to drill down on potential new locations to determine if they are suitable for your business. Develop your optimum ZIP code type and search for new areas. Make the site selection process smarter with Map Business Online’s enhanced demographic and household income mapping functionalities. Develop an expansion planning map to help guide your thinking.

  1. How Can We Improve Service Delivery?

Demographic mapping isn’t just for businesses. For nonprofits and government agencies, census map data can tell you more about what services are needed, and where. With this information, you can run a leaner organization that makes the most of what may be a limited budget. Use delivery planning maps to help identify delivery times based on start and stop locations. Create optimized routes that get your services or products delivered om time.

Working With Map Business Online

Map Business Online is an intuitive, cloud-based platform that lets you create business maps that selectively incorporate sales and census information. Use it to identify trends as they develop over time, or take a snapshot of your current customer base. Try it for yourself by signing up for a one-month trial today.

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