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The first thing a new business mapping user does, based on our internal stats, is import data and view it on the map. But what data are they importing and how are they using their business mapping software?

Well, this blog often discusses the example of customer and prospect data as imported into MapBusinessOnline. While customer data is common, there are many different types of data imported into MapBusinessOnline online mapping software. It’s not always about sales organizations.

Examples of Data Imports in MapBusinessOnline

We regularly speak to MapBusinessOnline trial users or subscription owners who import business data for the following applications:

·         Residential listings for voter canvasing. These data layers tend to be large and reflect densely populated areas.  Campaign workers go door to door to inform or simply speak with voters. Their address tracking is managed through address datasets imported into MapBusinessOnline. Imported data is used to generate target lists and routes.

·         ATM cash machines.  As you might imagine, tracking ATM machines is pretty critical. (Remember that episode in Breaking Bad with the ATM in the living room?)  Usually, valuable equipment like ATM’s are geolocated and tracked by latitude and longitude coordinates. Additional data columns in the imported data might include last inspection time and machine status. MapBusinessOnline holds the lat/long data in tabular format while displaying ATM location points on the map.

·         Bill Board locations. Still a primary marketing tool, bill boards require updates and inspections for a variety of reasons. A dataset of bill boards might be tracked on a map by marketing campaign. Additional data columns might include the number of advertising platforms per board, inspection dates, front side & back side content, and advertising expiration dates.

·         Retail display or end-cap placements. Large retailers let third-party inventory providers manage their own retail displays. Many retailers outsourced stock management to display management firms. These third-party inventory management providers use MapBusinessOnline to track where displays are located by retailer, the expiration dates, and other pertinent campaign data. Often display specific maintenance reps are routed to these locations based on a weekly schedule.

·         Swimming pool maintenance. How many swimming pools are there in North America anyway? Look at an aerial image to get a sense of it. The installation of a swimming pool is expensive, but I think contractors make more money on the upkeep of pools than they do on installations. We’ve got a lot of pool companies using MapBusinessOnline to track pool chemical treatments and maintenance records by address. This is a classic service business application of MapBusinessOnline. And they also use the tool for marketing campaigns.

·         Guess who conducts a lot of market analysis using Map Business Online?  Dentists and orthodontists. I suspect they tend to analyze the demographics of groups of ZIP codes, looking for expendable income and children of a certain age. So, ZIP code imports and ZIP code marketing areas, are commonly subjected to market analysis to determine new potential areas for expansion. Fortunately for me, and my family budget, my kids both have pretty nice teeth.

·         At MapBusinessOnline we get calls from Banks all the time. These could be from smaller banks or credit unions or larger financial institutions. These guys will import client data and prospect data for marketing campaigns or for analysis. But they’ll also import home or business location address data with associated assessment values or business-based values. Such data can provide banks with a visualization of their loan pools and associated risks.

·         Similar to banks, Realtors will view residential and business address databases.  For realtors, these home locations are actually inventory records.  If you’ve shopped for a house lately you’re familiar with the accuracy limitations of Zillow and other real estate websites. Houses of interest are suddenly “sale pending.” In some cases, later you’ll find out the sale fell through. Open houses come and go. Sometimes it helps to maintain your own portfolio of properties. MapBusinessOnline can provide support for such analysis.

·          Marketing Agencies use MapBusinessOnline to manage their campaigns by location. Think about newspaper ads. How does one track all of those retail ads shoved into the Sunday papers? Well they are tracked, and mapping applications help because a user can initiate, monitor, and assess campaigns by a ZIP code map.  Store traffic records are also tracked and compared against campaign ad placements and discount redemptions to determine the most effective ads.

Imported data used for map visualization is a great way to control business processes. And if you’re business isn’t doing it, you may not be selling as much as you could be.


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