How Do Businesses Apply Map Business Online?

Considering business mapping? How would you apply Map Business Online in your business? Listed below are a few ways in which business users apply business maps. We’d love to add your business applications to our growing list of applicators. Oh, and one of these “industry examples” is fake news. Can you guess which one?

Banks – Conduct risk assessment and loan portfolios by metropolitan area. Consider critical retail and other business address placements that help define current economic viability by region. Use ZIP code and Census Tract demographic classifications to expose prime house flipping areas and thereby minimize loan risk.

Delivery Services – (Bottling companies, fuel delivery& other services) Conduct optimized route assessments of common routes and route alternatives. Share routes across your traveling network. Develop route avoids in emergency situations. Import stop lists with arrival and stay times assigned. Periodical create business maps of the delivery service network to access growth or new requirements.

Dentistry Firms – Dentists are everywhere, which means they have lots of competition. Competitors maps can help dentist and orthodontist firms plan for market expansion – either seeking new customers for a current location or exploring the idea of office expansion. Drive time queries coupled with demographic analysis can answer questions about which ZIP codes are within reasonable driving distance and contain the highest percent of kids ages 10 to 19, in families with reasonably high income. In short, marketing maps help dentists grow their business.

Field Technician Operations – Assign specific territories or areas of responsibility to each technician in the field. Build sales territory maps. Create resource maps that show technician locations at start of day, include skill set data for color coding/visualization purposes. Assign client rosters to field techs for route development and coverage consistency. Place special notes on the map if there’s a scary dog at that house.

Franchise Company – Build franchise territory maps that define franchisee coverage areas based on population, income or other Census Bureau Demographic statistics.  Display your franchise territories by ZIP code or county or even Census Tracts, depending on how dense you’d like your coverage to be.  Color code sold and unsold franchise territories – Red for sold, Green for available. Share interactive web maps with potential franchisees to help get them on board.

Hospital Systems – Create business maps of critical healthcare services for entire communities. Develop competitor systems maps that help clarify areas for strengths and weaknesses that inform strategic planning. Establish field medical operations that support the elderly across the metro-area through mobile hospice or home care support.

Insurance Companies – Visualize field claims requirements across your geographic network. Establish claim management territories. Show home locations or start of day locations for all agents in the field. Develop portfolio maps that group high risk insurance coverages by ZIP code or County. Consider all location-based assets and risks in strategic planning maps. Color classify critical areas based on a risk index.

Large Enterprise Business – Signed up for an enterprise wide license agreement, multi-national organizations will apply business mapping across the organization, including C-Suite strategic planning maps (competitor analysis, sales territory alignment, full market analysis, and future growth analysis maps.) REPLACE MAPPOINT! Cross-department problem solving groups are set up using team mapping capabilities where collaborative map editing helps leverage and coordinate the best company minds. Sales planning and optimized routing capabilities are provided to all traveling sales people. Call center maps, affordably share maps across a network, help technical and sales team quickly organize their inbound call support.

Marketing Agency – Build business maps that define market potential based on imported business location-datasets. Create customer visualizations that can be developed into map actuals of your clients best performing ZIP codes which can then be converted into best ZIP code profiles. Build really informative maps about your client’s coverage areas, products and services.

Manufacturing Sales Department – Replace Microsoft MapPoint with Map Business Online! Create sales territory alignment maps that clearly define sales territories for a growing salesforce. Use shared sales territory maps a way to define accountability and display sales goals and objectives.  Sales territory maps are great for sharing results and as a center point for sales discussions, inculcating company sales rules and sharing what works and what doesn’t across the sales team.

Music FestivalBluegrass music festivals utilize business maps to visualize where all of the acts are traveling from and their mode of transportation. This helps them plan for local accommodations which are also mapped out. Patron home addresses of more than 9,000 names are mapped to analyze where attendees come from and to help assess the total dollars the festival brings to the state every summer.

Non-profit – Visualize your full donor base based on address databases.  Conduct demographic analysis to define the areas and demographic segments most likely to generate future donations.  Define your operating areas and consider territory assignments to organize field work. Use business mapping to plan your next event – create invitation segment campaigns from imported member data.

Pharmaceutical – We’ve noticed more and more pharma companies seeking business mapping to conduct sales planning with optimized routing. They also like to conduct strategic planning analysis with business maps outlining current and future business retail locations, and competitor maps.  Flu Shot tracking by customer address can provide some critical information for influenza mitigation effectivity studies, year over year.

Rental Agencies – Car, truck, and equipment agencies love Map Business Online for market analysis and sales planning. They’ll also use the tool to monitor inventories of aging equipment by location and in preparation for auctioning.

Retail Business – Drive-time studies reveal the scope of your target audience surrounding your store. Understand how many people in what demographic live within 30 minutes of your establishment. Based on drive-time results invest in advertisements in easily drivable ZIP codes. Connect demographic ethnic, income based, or age-based population segments with product release promotions.

Trades Contractors – Plumbers, electricians, and carpenters need to grow their markets too. Business maps are a great way to track jobs with an eye toward future referrals. Targeted post card marketing can be achieved through ZIP code analysis of homeowner databases. Track ads placed in local periodicals to determine new areas of business possibilities.

Ok. You probably guessed the fake news item above. Here’s a hint:

How do you create a $1 million dollar bank account? Invest $2 million in a Bluegrass Music Festival.

Send us your unique business mapping application, we’d love to do a story on it.

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