How Business Listings Contribute to Location Intelligence in Map Business Online

Business listings, just added to Map Business Online, are a component of location intelligence.

Location intelligence is information related to specific points or areas on the Earth’s surface. When defined like that, the concept, location intelligence, comes across as very scientific, as if it were a military secret. But when considered from a business perspective, where location points might represent customers, prospects, business facilities, and field installations, location intelligence acquires a cutting-edge aspect for wide-awake managers. Especially when we remember that each and every one of those specific business location points has critical business data associated with them.

Gathering knowledge about customers, prospects, and areas of interest related to your business has become basic due diligence conducted by all successful organizations. The more you know, right?  Location intelligence is the information you need to help your business compete effectively, to maintain a healthy growth rate, and to remain profitable so that your employees maintain solid jobs and the community prospers overall.

That’s the circle of business life, and today it’s directly related to location intelligence.

Our business experience takes place within a market. Location intelligence helps your management team understand and define that market system and keep it productive for your business. For example, 95% of Map Business Online business comes to us through the Google search engine marketplace. Location intelligence helps us perform within the Google marketplace by defining who uses our products for specific applications by location and industry. Homecare agencies in the inner city may apply a Census tracts map layer to monitor patient territories, while more rural homecare agencies will likely use ZIP codes.

Census Tract Map Layer in Use

Effective January 2019, Map Business Online includes access to business listings. By adding business listing data as a searchable dataset within Map Business Online, we’ve expanded the extent of Map Business Online’s location intelligence capability. This makes Map Business Online a better value for businesses that care about winning; about serving their community; or about overall profitability.

Business listings contribute to business intelligence because they provide a wealth of relevant business data:

  • Business name – a business name is the basic element of all business data. Sounds simple enough, but it is critical, and names can vary. Duplicate names can cause confusion and confusion can be expensive.
  • Business address – Accurate addresses are used for sales and delivery routing, mailing; or building visualizations of business opportunities. An address is what makes the location relevant.  Latitude longitude coordinates work just as well.
  • A ZIP Code – ZIP codes (and other geographic units) are base units for overlying demographic trends and sales histories into map visualizations. ZIP codes are used to build area profiles. Product ABC sold well in ZIP code XXXXX let’s find similar ZIP codes across the nation and market product ABC to businesses in those areas.
  • Industry categories – NAICS and SIC codes unlock the types of businesses you sell to and help you to duplicate successful strategies based on business category.
  • Employee data – Categorizing customers and prospects by employee size helps develop your target sweet spot – the optimum prospect for your sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Sales Histories – Useful in categorizing company sizes and defining your customer sweet spots.
  • Location types – Understanding headquarters vs. branch locations helps define sales and marketing approaches, territory assignment, and hiring requirements.

A Word About Ordering

Map Business Online Business Listings Pricing and Ordering takes place here. You’ll find prices listed by quantity purchased under the Subscription page, click the Upgrade Tab. Business listings prices start at $45 for 300 listings.  Each listing equals one credit. Free samples are included with each Map Business Online subscription options.

Map Business Online FREE Trial – 10 listing credits at no charge per subscription

Map Business Online 90-day – 120 listing credits at no charge per subscription

Full-year Single User & Team – 1,200 listing credits at no charge per subscription

Business Listings as a Market Analysis Enhancement

Business listings help to organize and define marketing and sales campaigns, fundraising campaigns, political campaigns and government projects. Each organization will add their own business data points to their campaign target lists. Business listings are the physical location of target accounts. Forward-thinking companies will gather more detailed intelligence for larger accounts, or strategically critical accounts, including research data compiled through Internet searches or hired consultants.

All told, business listings as location intelligence help marketing and sales decision makers define target markets and develop actionable programs designed to improve response rates and customer conversions.

Adding business listings to the Map Business Online feature-set made sense for several reasons:

  1. Our customers were constantly asking for the ability to search for business listings. We track all customer requests and consider adding features that are most often requested.
  2. Map Business Online’s most commonly applied application is customer visualization – seeing a spreadsheet of customer addresses geolocated against a map. An obvious extension of this capability is the ability to conduct geosearches for customers and prospects as business listings.
  3. Another very popular use case for Map Business Online is market analysis. Our customers like to find and explore potential new markets for products and services. Business listings broaden the Map Business Online capability to explore new markets because it adds actual prospects to the analysis based on their business name, business type, or key business characteristics.

Map Business Online business listings will enhance the value of the product’s business analysis capability:

  • New market potential – Defining where and what is the addressable market?
  • Competitor analysis – Identifying competitors and building a strategy that enables business mapping users to compete more effectively.
  • Sales planning – Add sales campaign prospect lists to sales route plans.
  • Strategic analysis – Conduct new market analysis by NAICS & SIC industry type.
  • Sales territory mapping – Add prospect leads or sales opportunities for sales territory rep use in forecasting.

Ultimately business mapping software is intended to improve an organizations sales and marketing by improving your business’s ability to gather relevant location intelligence.  By adding business listings to the Map Business Online toolkit, we’ve provided more location intelligence about points on the Earth that are relevant to your business and will help your business compete more effectively.

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