The Top 10 Map Business Online Help Videos for New Users

This blog/document is designed to provide a quick help reference for new users to Map Business Online.  It could also be useful for those of you who may struggle with technology. You are not alone. Plenty of successful people find themselves overwhelmed by technology today perhaps from lack of training, a stressful environment, or just by being born before 1990.

The below linked videos represent the basic business map processes most users conduct with Map Business Online.  

Getting Started with Map Business Online – An introductory video that is intended to familiarize the user with the basic functions of an online business mapping software.

How to plot data in Map Business Online from an Excel Spreadsheet Most Map Business Online users quickly attempt to import an address spreadsheet during their first session using our business mapping software. This video gives you the process from Spreadsheet development to map placement

How to create territories from scratch using Map Business Online – Territory mapping is a major use case for Map Business Online users. This video describes how to create a territory from scratch using your cursor and clicking on the map itself (as opposed to importing data to create territories – see next item)

How to create territories from an imported spreadsheet – This video walks the user through importing a spreadsheet of ZIP codes, counties, or states to create territories. ZIP codes and territory names are all you need for that map layer. If you build territories on counties, you have to include a State layer. Counties aren’t unique, like ZIPs

Drop a point, create a circle, gather demographic data using Map Business Online – Our chat support histories show this process to be a common request across the growing Map Business Online user base

Extracting ZIP code lists from within a county or group of counties – Another commonly requested technical support subject, getting ZIP codes exported from a county-based area or territory

Printing your maps using Map Business Online – Printing maps is as easy as printing a word doc, but can be a little tricky when you want to print a wall map.  Large format PDF files for plotter printing is totally doable in Map Business Online, but it takes experimentation. Try various approaches to get the map extent and the level of detail you require

What is a business map? – Tips on how to adjust your map’s look and feel so that your map audience gets your map point. Become the map master of your organization and rule the world! Or a map of it anyway

Searching for business listings in Map Business Online – This year we added business listings to Map Business Online. This video shows you how to access that data

Using the Map Business Online downloadable apps – Sometimes accessing a business map through a web browser has issues. Map Business Online downloadable apps lets the user create maps free of cumbersome web browsers. The Windows and Mac apps avoid Flash Player, so your IT department will like this

Bonus video: The Features Most Often Used in Map Business Online This video is a half-hour long. It covers a lot of basic ground. grab a cup of joe and settle in for some serious Map Business Online tips.

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