How Do I Search Data By Territory?

How Do I Search Data by Selected Territories? That’s a great question for a Map Business Online user to ask.  Did you realize there is a button on the Data Window toolbar called Search Data by Selected Territories?  Well, there is. It is a Bright Yellow Puzzle Piece – See my carefully highlighted picture just below.

The Search Data Button in the Data Window

That innocuous little button does a variety of things, but is especially useful for sales territory mapping.  Let’s explore this further.

The Data Window

The Data Window provides a datasheet view of any data layers you’ve imported; data Map Business Online provides like map layers and demographic data; and combinations of data that you have overlaid and filtered using the More Data button and the Filter button.

Read more about the More Data button.  Read more about the Filter button.

The Data Window provides its toolbar of functions along its top margin. These buttons enable a variety of capabilities. Notice the Data Drop Down selector on the far left of the Data Window toolbar. You will discover that as you drop down and select different layers, a changing array of buttons appear in Data Window toolbar.

The Data Window toolbar changes depending on the type of data you’ve selected.

Try selecting the different data layers available. Notice the shifting toolbar options. When you select an imported point layer, the Data Window toolbar functions are focused on filtering and editing point layers.  When you select a map layer, the toolbar provides tools that are focused on filtering and editing map layers. What a convenient and clever business mapping software!

Querying Data by Territory

A major use of business mapping software is the ability to query a set of data based on an area on the map. That area could be an administrative district like a ZIP code, a drawn circle or polygon, or a territory. Examples of data querying requirements might be:

  • I’ve imported a list of prospects. I want to see all of the prospects within these specific counties
  • I need to find all the boundary ZIP codes in my territories
  • We need to see a list of all patients with the flu in these three ZIP codes

For this blog, we’re concerned about querying data within a Territory

For example, a new sales manager has imported all the company’s customers into a sales territory map. The manager plans on sitting down with each sales rep and to discuss their existing customer base. The map view shows a distributed set of blue dots over all the territories nationwide. To prepare for the meeting, the sales manager pulls up an isolated map view of each salesperson’s territory with the Data Window view of the rep’s associated customers.

The process in Map Business Online:

  1. In the Data Window Data Dropdown, select the imported company customer list
  2. Next, select the Yellow Puzzle Piece or Search Data by Territory button
  3. Choose the option to search inside a territory
  4. Select the territory of the next rep your meeting with
  5. Name the filtered result
  6. Export or simply use the Data Window in the meeting to view the data

The manager could also go back to the Territory view and filter to select only that territory, clicking Filter Data on the Map, to isolate and view just that territory for the meeting. Watch a video that demonstrates how to Filter Data on the Map.

Another quick solution using the Yellow Puzzle piece button is the query of all the boundary ZIP Codes. Using the Data Window Dropdown, select the ZIP5 code list, then select the Yellow Puzzle piece button. Name the result and export.  Remember, those are boundaried ZIP codes. If you want ALL ZIP codes, you will need to retrieve the latest total ZIP code list from the Plot Data Button:

  • Click Plot Data and choose the lower option – From Server
  • Drop down to the Public Data
  • Select the most recent ZIP Code (2019) list
  • Import the list – it will populate all sorts of dots on your map (you can uncheck in the Map and Data)
  • Select and Query using the Yellow Puzzle Piece as above to secure a list of every ZIP code in that particular territory or all territories

Read more about Point and Boundary ZIP Codes here.

Use the Yellow Puzzle Piece button in the Data Window for quick and easy data query and export.

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