9 Reasons Why MapBusinessOnline Sales Territory Mapping is Top Dog

Most MapBusinessOnline users choose MapBusinessOnline because of its superior sales territory alignment capabilities. When you compare the MapBusinessOnline sales territory management capabilities with our competitors, paying careful attention to the feature list and the pricing, the analysis results are clearly in our favor.

Sales Territory Management is not a basic mapping software function. It is advanced in part because it combines map visualizations with business analysis, and further because it incorporates almost every aspect of business mapping software. Sales territory mapping involves:

  • The collection and identification of administrative areas, as assigned areas of account responsibility
  • The import of customer and prospect address databases for display, analysis, and reporting
  • Territory creation through the ability to gather districts via lassoing or importing a territory dataset of ZIP codes, counties, states, or city limits
  • The aggregation of sales results by territory for information sharing and decision making
  • The ability to incorporate market analysis and demographic analysis into territory assignment logic which is also used for general expansion planning, competitor analysis, and market analysis
  • Constructing a map visualization and analysis of your business’s sales structure

MapBusinessOnline is Wicked Easy

And with all the above basic functions for advanced territory mapping, MapBusinessOnline manages to sustain the moniker ‘Easy-to-Use.’ Ease-of-use tends to be overused marketing jargon except when it represents the exact character of the product being sold.

I always describe sales territory adjustments or tweaks, as the best example of MapBusinessOnline ease-of-use. Adding or removing a ZIP code or a group of ZIP codes from a saved territory is a few mouse clicks to completion. Select a ZIP code, hold the shift key, select a few more. Now click the Puzzle Piece Icon and choose the territory targeted for adjustment. Remove the group, add the group, update the territory. You have choices, but it’s all fast and done in an instant. Let me know when you find a tool out there that’s this easy. Read more about editing territories.

Importing territories from a territory spreadsheet is fast and easy as well. Follow prepared dialogue pages and march right through the process. Most users create ZIP code-based territories which entails a spreadsheet as simple as two columns: one for ZIP code and one for Territory Name. Read more about territory creation.

Ease-of-Use comparisons are commonly won by MapBusinessOnline against all competitors but none more so than against Maptitude. It is important to remember that Maptitude is a GIS tool and GIS implies complexity.  This can be a good thing if you’re a scientist, or geospatial analyst, or my father-in-law (may he rest in peace with his organized workshop.) But for most busy businesspeople simple and fast is better. Maptitude is also a desktop software. Cloud services are more convenient, provide easier access, and simplify update headaches. But we understand, it’s a lot of work to migrate a product from desktop to the cloud. Maybe they’ll get there, someday.

During the first part of this decade, we targeted replacing Microsoft MapPoint, as the territory mapping product to beat. We had just surpassed their capabilities in 2014 when Microsoft eliminated the product. Our software continues to evolve.

Additional Differentiating Features

MapBusinessOnline territory alignment capabilities beat the competition in a variety of ways. One of those ways is ease-of-use as outlined above. But there are other differentiators:

  • Demographic Analysis – MapBusinessOnline’s comprehensive library of demographic data layers is readily available for sales territory analysis including at the click of the More Data button. Data Window analysis views are quickly developed and apply to all territories with a common map layer base (ZIP code, County, etc.)
  • Territory Balancing – Gauge territory fairness and workload balance by Data Window totaling. Level your territory allocations by demography, sales history, or another metric.
  • Multiple Alignment Layers per Map – Create a mix of territory alignment configurations on one map. One set by ZIP code, another set by County, two sets by State. You decide!
  • Overlap – It happens for a variety of reasons. What’s important is being aware of territory overlap. Allow overlap in MapBusinessOnline territory intersection settings. Choose a bright color that informs the map viewer, “There’s overlap here.”
  • Access to Business Listings – The ability to search for and download business listings within the territory mapping application is unique to MapBusinessOnline. Purchase just those businesses you require in the areas where you need them most.
  • Support for Regions and Divisions – Some organizations require levels of management. Nationwide regions or zones help define or reflect a sales organization’s structure. (Requires MapBusinessOnline Pro)
  • Price – We believe we are the most affordable advanced territory cloud-based solution available. Not one customer has told us otherwise
  • Technical Support – Support is always available through Chat, Email (Contact button), or by calling (800) 425-9035. Check out our YouTube video library and weekly application blog. Don’t hesitate to request a web demo.

Multiple Alignment Layers Across One Territory Map

We know the reasons you require territory mapping software. We service franchise businesses, local service providers, large insurance conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies, big-box retailers, and industrial manufacturers.

So, whether your company is just organizing customer sales accountability, restructuring after a merger, or simply rebuilding a territory scheme from scratch, MapBusinessOnline is the sales territory mapping solution that provides easy access to tools you require at the most affordable price on the market.


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