5 Reasons Sales Organizations Chooses MapBusinessOnline Sales Territory Mapping

Sales Territory Management is a primary reason why customers select MapBusinessOnline over competing business mapping software products. I could just say we’re better, we’re easier, and we’re more affordable, but then I wouldn’t have much of a blog post. I’m supposed to shoot for 750 words.

Businesses  require sales territory mapping software for a variety of reasons.

  • Franchise businesses want the ability to sell and manage their ZIP code territories
  • Pharmaceutical companies must monitor the sales of traveling sales reps across complex and ever-changing territories
  • Retail stores set up territories by store locations to track foot traffic, measure marketing campaigns, and to build demographic ZIP code profiles
  • Manufacturing sales organizations track direct sales teams and manufacturing rep companies across nationwide regions and divisions
  • Distributors and wholesalers create territories by state, metro area, and product line, using territory sales records to rebalance inventories
  • Healthcare businesses use territories to plan the cross-state expansion of hospital systems or to track field clinicians across a home care system
  • Insurance companies apply territory analysis to field claims management, expose coverage gaps, and to support classic sales departments in monitoring and sharing sales results

There are at least five major reasons why MapBusinessOnline is the sales territory mapping program of choice for business mapping customers all over the USA and Canada.

Ease of Data Import

Sales territory managers spend a great deal of time and effort preparing for and creating sales territories. Generally, data preparation for a complete sales territory mapping scheme will include a spreadsheet of ZIP codes or County based territories as well as an address spreadsheet of accounts and prospective accounts. MapBusinessOnline streamlines the location data import process providing easy and fast map visualizations of both customer visualizations and sales territory creation.

MapBusinessOnline sales territory management offers a multistep import process that is intuitive and includes instructional wizards that describe the process in easy steps, for people who prefer that. Video tutorials and help docs provide quick and easy guides for the creation of your first territories, after which additional territories are a snap. Chat and email support will get you past any roadblocks, like Point vs. Boundary ZIP codes (yes – that’s a thing.)

Competitor software offerings tend to be more complicated. GIS competitors, like Maptitude, require a Rocket Science degree and a subscription to MIT Calculus magazine to create a basic map.

Complex Territory Hierarchies

Ease of Territory Editing

Once those territories are created, they must be managed. Unfortunately, my friend, nothing stays the same in life. MapBusinessOnline enables mouse click territory selection leading to a menu of editing options including operations like:

  • Add to
  • Remove from
  • Remove from all Except
  • Update
  • Intersecting
  • Create New

Holding down the shift key during the map layer selection process enables multiple map object (ZIP code) selection. These easy-to-learn tools will make you the expert at creating and managing territories for your sales team in no time.

Updates and changes to territory maps are critical to your sales process. Many businesses optimize their territories based on a variety of metrics which could include: the number of accounts, travel requirements, legacy accounts, product spread, or other industry-specific measures. Choose a sales territory mapping software that makes the change management portion of your job easy, fast, and fun.

MapBusinessOnline is More Affordable

While MapBusinessOnline is priced below our competition, it is important to also compare the features and allowances, when determining which business mapping software is the best solution for your business.

  • MapBusinessOnline offers generous location data import allowances. Pay attention to the amount of data our competitors allow. They tend to be stingy
  • MapShare free viewer sessions are extremely affordable – in fact, shared map sessions are free up to 1200 sessions a year. Every subscription includes the ability to share interactive web maps for free
  • Business listings are available for you to search, map, and to export at $0.15 per listing
  • Extra routing credits for vehicle routing or drive time calculations are also available for a small fee, should you run out of your subscription’s generous allowance

The Most Like Microsoft MapPoint

There are still Microsoft MapPoint replacement seekers landing on MapBusinessOnline.com every day. They come seeking an online mapping solution that can replace MapPoint and provide a similar user interface. We’ve converted thousands of such MapPoint refugees over the past five years.

MapBusinessOnline’s look, feel, and user interface comes very close to MapPoint. Your most dedicated MapPoint users will feel relieved after they make the switch and start accessing up-to-date ZIP codes and Demographic Data. Don’t waste any more of your associate’s valuable time working with obsolete maps and demographic data. Get access to state-of-the-art mapping features.

Territory Map Layer Flexibility

For some companies, sales territories are simply groupings of ZIP codes in organized sections surrounding the home location of salespeople or within a specified radius of an office or a warehouse. Other businesses require more complex sales territories.

Complex sales territories often exist for good reasons. More advanced businesses can turn to MapBusinessOnline for flexible territory development that offers multiple sales territory options:

  • Create multiple sets of territories on several map layer geographies – ZIP code and county for instance – all on one map
  • Identify areas of overlapping sales territories. Show ZIP codes belonging to more than one sales territory in bright red or black – you choose the color
  • Leave some states or counties whole and split other states and counties up into smaller segments

MapBusinessOnline Standard and Pro offer advanced territory management tools that will support your organization’s sales force as they set-up sales territories and maintain them moving forward.

Unparalleled Technical Support

For more than 95% of our customer base, we never receive help requests, which speaks to the ease-of-use of MapBusinessOnline.  But the other 5 percent, who may require some assistance we offer multiple ways to access technical support:

  • Chat with a technical sales rep during business hours. Ask us anything. We’ll get you on track in short order
  • Email for technical support or request a web-share demonstration of the product
  • Call the technical support 800 number
  • Read our blog which contains hundreds of user scenarios and how-to documents on popular features and applications
  • The more visual folks may want to peruse our YouTube video library filled with video demonstrations of common practices

Lastly, read what our customers have to say about MapBusinessOnline on one of our review sites.

Capterra.com and ShopperApproved.com

I could ramble on about why MapBusinessOnline.com is the preferred mapping solution for the Universe at large, but I’ve got to get this blog posted.  Suffice it to say, MapBusinessOnline’s features are designed for business people just like you, who just need to create a map as part of their business process or business analysis.


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