How A New User Gains Access to MapBusinessOnline

New users to MapBusinessOnline often start with the Free Trial.  Signing up for the Free Trial and registering for MapBusinessOnline is the same process. Click the Start Free Now button at,  which sets up the free trial and registers you as an account owner.

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Registering is Important

The Free Trial has a period of 1-month. There are limits on some of the features available in the trial, noted on our pricing page. Scroll down to get familiar with the limitations.

For the most part, a full subscription will satisfy the average user’s requirements for the below noted features, but you can always purchase more at reasonable fees:

  • Import up to 100,000 location records per map (with the Standard Subscription)
  • Save up to 200 maps
  • Create up to 1,000 territories per map
  • Routing credits 1200 – applies to driving time & distance searches too
  • Stops per route 150
  • Publicly shared maps per subscription 1200

Once you’ve registered for the trial, you will want to access the business mapping software.  Adobe Flash Player, which MapBusinessOnline used to enable web browser access, has been discontinued.  Now all users must download the Map App and access MapBusinessOnline business mapping software through the Map App.

Download the Map App – Your Business Mapping Gateway

So, the current MapBusinessOnline onboarding process is this:

  1. Register for MapBusinessOnline through the Start Free Now button
  2. Download the Map App for Windows or Mac
  3. In the Windows Start Menu, or the Mac Applications folder, find the Map App, and inside the folder, click on MapBusinessOnline to launch the software
  4. Log in with your email and your password, which is set-up through the registration process, and launch MapBusinessOnline
  5. Click New Map on the left side of the Master Toolbar
  6. Read about creating your first business map here

Review the Your First Business Map Webinar

I recently provided a Webinar on creating your first business map that new users may find helpful. Find the webinar here: Your First Business Map webinar.  The webinar will walk you through the New Map process:

  • Starting a new map
  • Importing business data
  • Optimizing your map’s look and feel
  • Color coding data
  • Labeling

Maps for All Reasons

Asking for Help

Help is never far off. There’s Help documentation in the business mapping software. You can also refer to the Business Mapping Blog  for explorations of business mapping topics and application examples. For questions, we recommend you start by clicking on the Chat button in the lower right of the MapBusinessOnline website. You can also reach us through the Contact button on the website, which has options for email, web demo request, or phone calls.

Once you created a basic business map, you can enhance your map in many ways. Here are some additional blog subjects that could help you create a business map that achieves its purpose and might just turn you into a mini-star around the office:

All of the recommended blogs will help the new MapBusinessOnline user access the application, create a first business map, and enhance that business map for your specific purposes.

Business mapping is, like anything else we do in business, an acquired skill. The mapping techniques you learn in your current job will serve you well in your future roles, no matter where they are.

Our blog subjects include multiple write-ups on best practices for business mapping:

This blog explains the significant differences between MapBusinessOnline Standard and MapBusinessOnline Pro.

Now get mapping. MapBusinessOnline provides a full set of geographic analysis tools to conduct a variety of business applications:

  • Create and edit a sales territory map
  • Conduct map-based market analysis, a target market map, or generate areas of interest around the USA and Canada
  • Build comprehensive demographic analysis maps
  • Create spatial queries by radius search, polygon search, or drive time search
  • Build optimized sales routes with up to 150 stops
  • Research and download business listings by area, name, or industry
  • Construct ZIP code maps that support your business models
  • Extract ZIP code lists out of MapBusinessOnline
  • Build coverage area maps, competitor maps, dot-density maps, and more

By the time you’ve completed your first or second business map, not only will you be the envy of your department, but you’ll know the deepest secret of all about business mapping software – business maps are fun.


MapBusinessOnline access has officially transitioned from Web Browser (Adobe Flash Player) access to the Map App download access.

  • Please download the Map App from the website –
  • After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline launch button will be in the Windows’ Start Menu or Mac Application folder. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder in the Start Menu scrollbar. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline option. You can drag the Icon to the task bar for a quick launch button.
  • All saved maps will be available through your Map Library Folder, the second button in from the left on the Master Toolbar. (Green File Folder icon.)

Map App access to provides enhanced features and a better user experience.

The Map App includes the new Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

Value-Added Resellers – Offer the tool to your customers as a reseller. Make money on training and consulting. Contact us with further interest in reselling MapBusinessOnline.

Find out why over 25,000 business users log into for their business mapping software and advanced sales territory mapping solution. The best replacement for Microsoft MapPoint happens to be the most affordable.

Contact: Geoffrey Ives or Jason Henderson

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