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Welcome to MapBusinessOnline. This article is a blog describing the various ways to get help with your business mapping software.

We estimate that ninety percent of MapBusinessOnline users never contact us. Most users rarely require help.  As a rule, MapBusinessOnline is intuitive, easy-to-use, and we’ve got various ways to support our user-base.

Help Documentation

As you use MapBusinessOnline, you will find the Help Documentation is in the Help button on the far right of the Master Tool Bar. Help documentation is organized by subject and includes images and some videos describing popular processes like:

  • Basics and Getting Started – Understanding the mapping tools
  • Importing Data – Importing your own business data
  • Working with Maps – How to start, save and open a map
  • Sharing Maps – How to share a map with your constituents
  • Color-coding Location Data – Color-code your imported data by flexible simple or map layer
  • Sales Territory Mapping – Create areas of accountability for your sales team
  • And many more topics

Just click that Help button and take a stroll through the help menus.

The MapBusinessOnline Blog

Each week I write a blog post related to business mapping and MapBusinessOnline applications. I try to cover popular or exciting applications of MapBusinessOnline – which means I’m interested in learning about your use of the tool. Feel free to contact me with your application if you’re interested in sharing.

Popular applications for MapBusinessOnline include:

The Blog also covers standard MapBusinessOnline processes. These articles are similar to help documents but include user tips, application examples, and recent revisions to the tool. And every so often, I include a pun or refer to a TV show from my childhood – to keep it interesting – a case in point.

And then occasionally, I get the ‘Call of the Weird,’ to quote Jerry Garcia, and pen an article that may be way off-topic or presents business mapping in some odd form. So, please look forward to that.

Articles may seem repetitive at times, but I try to incorporate most of the new features we’re constantly adding to the product line. For instance, we’re continually improving territory mapping, and I do what I can to keep our business mappers aware of those enhancements. Often, those news features come directly from you, the user.

Use the Search Function in the upper right quadrant of the Blog to look for subjects that interest you. Type in ‘territories’ or ‘import data.’ The results will provide all the articles addressing those subjects.

Search for Blog topics

Popular and helpful Blog articles:

The Newsletter

Once a month MapBusinessOnline, sends out an opt-in email newsletter. The Newsletter alerts users to impending changes, webinars, or other events. The articles are short and generally refer to blog posts, videos, or landing pages relevant to MapBusinessOnline processes.

The newsletter archive is here.

Please send an email to Sales@MapBusinessOnline.com if you would like to subscribe to the newsletter. We are very cautious about email contact.  We never sell our customer lists. Read more about our privacy policy here.

YouTube Videos

All MapBusinessOnline help videos reside on our MapBusinessOnline YouTube Channel.  You can use the YouTube search function to find videos on various mapping topics. You’ll find the search tool on the right side of the toolbar.  Please note the magnifying glass incom. Just like in the Blog Search, type in a subject and search.

Search for YouTube Help Video topics

Here a few good getting started videos:


Contacting MapBusinessOnline for help is easy. Chat is available across the Website. Look for the Chat option in the lower right of any webpage. Email is available through the Contact button.  Here you can also request a Web Demo.

Email and Chat each let the user communicate questions and problems with the added advantage of allowing pic files, in Jpeg format, to be easily transferred to us.

Pictures are often very helpful in expediting problem resolutions. Pic files of error messages or subtle application issues help us uncover technical and user-based solutions.

Phone support is also available – (800) 935-4025

Get smart about your mapping and use our support tools.


Find out why over 25,000 business users log into www.MapBusinessOnline.com for their business mapping software and advanced sales territory mapping solution. The best replacement for Microsoft MapPoint happens to be the most affordable.

To access MapBusinessOnline, please register and then download the Map App from the website – https://www.mapbusinessonline.com/App-Download.aspx.

After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline launch button will be in the Windows’ Start Menu or Mac Application folder. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder in the Start Menu scrollbar. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline option.

The Map App includes the Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

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Contact: Geoffrey Ives geoffives@spatialteq.com or Jason Henderson jhenderson@spatialteq.com

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