Business Mapping Solutions for Business Problems

In professional life, business challenges occur every day. These bumps in the road may indicate a need for business mapping. Business problems are often location-related to an address, ZIP code, or county.

For example, COVID-19 is a business problem that has an associated location in Wuhan, China. Any COVID-19 related problem will have a location component.

Business challenges can be large or small. Maybe your business is facing an expansion requirement. Or perhaps your business is replacing a long-term sales associate, and it’s time to rethink territory arrangements.

Problems can be new or old. It could be your business needs to adjust its revenue expectations in the face of rising competition. Or maybe there’s a recently hired, fired-up vice–president of sales looking for new ideas.

In any case, problems are what business mapping software eats for breakfast.

Delivery and Field Service Orgs

Perhaps you run a delivery service, and your business-related travel expenses have recently skyrocketed. Sure, gas prices are up, but your expense reports indicate your traveling associates have racked up increased mileage over the last three months.

The solution to this travel expense problem is going to include several suggestions:

  • Lower travel costs – Use business mapping software to generate optimized routes that provide the most efficient travel.
  • Efficiency studies – Use business mapping software to analyze where your traveling associates begin their day and the roads they travel over their day. View multiple associate delivery stop lists against a map of your delivery areas. Look for and eliminate overlapping travel routes and stops. Out-of-control expenses are usually the result of crisscrossing travelers.
  • Sales territory management – Establish territories for deliveries and service calls, with clearly defined rules of operation. Read more about territories here.
  • Share maps that describe areas of responsibility – Stick to the rules. It turns out following the rules is a tricky part of the solution. Insisting on specific travel routes and stops can be difficult to enforce, but that’s where the savings are. Read about map Sharing in MapBusinessOnline.

Routing Solution

Apply business mapping software to delivery challenges to expose repetitive delivery addresses, route-avoid patterns, and the most efficient delivery routes. Look for patterns and opportunities that point out inefficiencies in traveler habits. Implement those changes.


Construction Businesses

Jobsites require planning. Business mapping software can provide a construction job site manager with a platform for viewing all job sites at once. While MapBusinessOnline is not a survey-accurate mapping application, it does offer solutions for the construction industry. Construction business mapping applications might include:

  • Color-code Job site map markers by weekly or daily activity stages. Green for fully staffed and materials delivered. Orange for material shortages. Red for wholly stopped due to city inspection approvals.
  • Site selection maps – Preconstruction demographic analysis supports project marketing and sales. Determine the optimum building sites by comparing investment requirements, costs of updates, access to resources, and rental and retail opportunities. Become more aware of your construction site’s surrounding areas.
  • Explore and map business listings for future building projects, competitor analysis, or resource awareness.

Law Firms

We’re speaking with more and more law firms seeking business mapping support. Lawyers come across many requirements for mapping services. Like almost any other company, law firms have sales and marketing teams. Sales territory mapping and location-based market analysis are regularly applied. But more industry-specific requirements occur as well:

  • Crime location analysis – Whether you’re defending a client accused of serial robberies or prosecuting a known suspect, viewing all the crimes by location against an accurate map of the area is both enlightening and helpful.
  • Law firm visualizations – Import an address database of all law firms within a region for tracking. Color code and symbolize firms by core competencies, legal specialties, or case wins.
  • Map visualizations – Criminal trials and civil and personal injury lawsuits often carry location components. The ability to process a focused and clear map visualization of places or events can be part of a winning strategy for a savvy attorney.
  • Demographic analysis maps – Sometimes, demographic characteristics explain a lot about a neighborhood, a city, or a region. Maps provide visualizations of ethnicities, income levels, and a host of other Census Bureau categories. While not always evidentiary, they can provide excellent background.

A Crime Map – Serial Robberies

Accurate maps rarely lie. If the truth is on your side, a map visualization can be convincing and informative. Over and over time-stamped location placements have made a case for location-aware legal teams.

Manufacturing Concerns

Small to large manufacturing operations make up the backbone of the USA economy. Urban and rural areas depend on factories and machine shops for employment and taxes. While MapBusinessOnline can’t claim applications on the plant floor, we provide a myriad of services for the operations, marketing, and sales departments associated with manufacturing concerns.

  • Sales territory management – Create and edit complex territories, regions, and divisions supporting direct sales, manufacturing representatives, and nationwide distributor networks. Define sales accountability, track progress against goals, and focus on sales maps for sales meetings. Watch your productivity and sales revenue increase.
  • Marketing analysis – MapBusinessOnline includes multiple tools that support a variety of assessments, including driving time and distance analysis, demographic map visualizations, and explorations of areas of interest. Expansion planning, competitor analysis, and resource allocations are just a few critical map-based analyses supporting the marketing and sales of manufactured goods.
  • Plant Relocation – Don’t bother considering building and equipping a new manufacturing facility without a location-based analysis of feasible plant location options. Map visualizations can expose both opportunities and risks associated with new areas. Consider map views of labor demographics. Develop efficient routes for supplier and customer shipments. Expose resources that support working families. Build your plant in fertile soil exposed through the application of business map visualizations.

A Manufacturing Concern Map

Online business mapping software is accessible through the Cloud and is imminently affordable for any organization. Will your company use the tool every day? Maybe. Maybe not. But when you’re searching for solutions to business problems, location analysis may be just the new perspective you’re looking for.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a business map is worth a million.

Find out why over 25,000 business users log into for their business mapping software and advanced sales territory mapping solution. The best replacement for Microsoft MapPoint happens to be the most affordable.

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