How Do I Generate a Proximity Search Using MapBusinessOnline Pro?

It is easy to generate a Proximity Search with MapBusinessOnline Pro. We call this tool, Find the Nearest.

The price is more than right. Alternative driving time and distance software products are much more expensive. MapBusinessOnline Pro provides advanced business mapping users with driving time and distance analysis tools. Two of the six driving time analysis tools are proximity searches.

A proximity search lets the map user search an area surrounding a point or set of points for location data. Think World War II submarine movies with sonar searching for depth charges, except it’s usually not that stressful a situation. (‘Kping! Kping!’) Usually, MapBusinessOnline users search for potential clients, actual customers, or liquor stores.

At any rate, a proximity search is easy using MapBusinessOnline Pro.

Search and Segment Data from Multiple Center Points

The first method is a broad search of all records within multiple drive time areas, compiled into one dataset. This function is under MapBusinessOnline Pro’s Analysis button. Choose Search and Segment Data from Multiple Center Points.

To set up the broad Proximity search:

  1. Select Search & Segment.
  2. Import or select the desired imported dataset, around which all records will be searched.
  3. Select the Straight line, Drive time, or Driving Distance search function desired.
  4. Fill in the distance miles or minutes to search.
  5. MapBusinessOnline notes your Routing Credit status on the following dialogue. (Users can purchase additional datasets under Subscription in your account.)
  6. Select the dataset to be searched.
  7. View the Report.

Search, and Segment provides an exhaustive list of all search data results covering all data points. Such a list is a great starting point for a location-based project. Think:

  • Show me all the records with 100 minutes of all these stores.
  • Generate a list of all suppliers within 50 minutes of all of our warehouse locations.
  • I need a list of all medical field staff within 20 minutes of all patients.

Use the Data Window filtering tools to fine-tune your list or set up various research projects based on the initial query results.

Search & Segment Data Across Multiple Points by Driving Time

Find the Nearest Proximity Search

Further down the list of Analysis options in MapBusinessOnline Pro, you will find the Find the Nearest Proximity search. This proximity search function allows the map users to compare two location data sets to determine the closest options. Think Store vs. Customer, Hospital vs. Patient, or Veterinarian vs. Pet. In MapBusinessOnline, we reference Store vs. Customer.

The objective is to have the Proximity search look for all customers within X miles or minutes from a store. You can choose to show the nearest one, two, or up to twenty customers.

  1. Select the driving time and distance calculation combination you’d like applied.
  2. Decide in the next two steps which datasets are Stores or Customers. Please test it out a couple of times to ensure you understand which is considered the base location point.
  3. Input a distance or time constraint for the calculation to use.
  4. Adjust column heading text as required
  5. Decide if you want to show 1, 2, or 3 of the nearest objects to each store. Start with one and see how you do.
  6. Run the query.
  7. MapBusinessOnline displays your routing credit status.
  8. View the report.

With the output in the Data Window, use the data window filtering tools to adjust the report to your liking. You can always use the Choose Columns button in the lower right to move data columns out of the analysis and start again.

When running MapBusinessOnline driving time and distance calculations like these proximity searches, keep in mind:

  • You should limit your total records search to 1 million points – the quotient of both datasets. If you have significantly more than 1 million, split the dataset up.
  • You can purchase more routing credits through your account subscription link.

A Find the Nearest Proximity Search supports these markets:

  • Construction site planning – supply, inspection, and progress monitoring.
  • Field staff management – home care, technical support, traveling salespeople.
  • Financial investment planning and analysis – risk assessment, growth planning, demographic analysis.
  • Insurance claims and sales management – field staff monitoring, claims management, sales programs.
  • Marketing and sales analysis – expansion planning, campaign management.
  • Retail chain store management – campaign management, product sales tracking.
  • Psychic & tarot readings – checking to make sure you are still reading.
  • Supply chain management and warehousing – delivery monitoring, shipping efficiencies.
  • Transportation network efficiency analysis – manage and measure vehicle traffic.

So, Why Use MapBusinessOnline Pro?

  • Your company pays attention to driving time and distance calculations for operations.
  • Your business operates multiple retail stores, warehouses, or supply chains.
  • Your business seeks to understand the demographic make-up of where it does business.
  • You generate market analysis in support of growing sales into new markets.
  • You plot more than 50,000 records per map, for whatever reason.
  • Your company conducts ZIP code-to-ZIP code time and distance analysis.
  • Your company manages significant investments in multiple urban areas – banks, insurance, organized crime (Kidding!)
  • You manage regional and national sales and franchise territories.

MapBusinessOnline Pro exposes advantages and problems with processes that incur travel expenses. Driving time and distance queries expose weaknesses and efficiency drag on the system.


Over 25,000 business users log into for their business mapping software and advanced sales territory mapping solution. The best replacement for Microsoft MapPoint happens to be the most affordable.

To access MapBusinessOnline, please register and download the Map App from the website –

After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline launch button will be in the Windows Start Menu or Mac Application folder. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder in the Start Menu scrollbar. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline option.

The Map App includes the Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

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