The MapBusinessOnline Chat Window – Common Questions & Answers.

MapBusinessOnline includes a Chat support service on the website.  Click the Chat Window in the lower right of any web page to ask questions or provide feedback.  Here are some common business mapping software questions and recent Chat Inquiries I thought might be helpful:

How can I toggle individual territories on and off? Right now, I am allowing territories to overlap, but I would like to be able to check and uncheck them to see them individually.

  1. Use the Data Window view.
  2. Select the Territory layer in the dropdown on the left side.
  3. On the Data Window Toolbar, under Filter & Search, in the blank box, key in a search term from your Territory Name. For example, if your territory name is Ryan Mulberry territory, you could key in ‘Ryan.’
  4. Click the Funnel Icon in the Search box.
  5. Then click the checkbox ‘Filter Map View by Content.’  The list will now display any territory with the word Ryan on the label.

The selected territories will appear on the map, isolated from the other territories.

Filter the Data Window to Isolate Territories.

Can I get a map where I can look at competitors in small regions, cities, or counties, for example?  Is that possible with this program?

You can zoom into counties, cities, and ZIP codes.  Business locations are not automatically included on the map like in Map Point, which is now obsolete. But MapBusinessOnline does include access to Business Listings. You have these options:

  1. You can upload or import competitor location data you may have in a spreadsheet. Go to the Adding to Map section of the Master toolbar.  Click the Dataset option to upload spreadsheets. Read more about importing spreadsheets.
  2. Upload Business Listings or competitors by name as a paid service.  Read more here. Remember, business listings cost $0.15 each, but your subscription will include free listings. Search by business name, especially if you know who all your competitors are. There’s also an industry lookup by keyword. Free business listing credits are noted on the pricing page; scroll down.

How do I Export ZIP codes or counties segmented by sales territories?

 I wrote a whole blog about this inquiry a few months back. This feature is easy once you understand how it works. In the Data Window, select the Map Layer (ZIP codes, counties, city limits, etc.) Once selected, click the Export button to the far right of the Data Window toolbar. After that, you’ll be prompted to check a few boxes, including segmentation by territory. Data is always exported as a CSV file which you can open with Excel.

Why won’t MapBusinessOnline work for my associates anymore?

MapBusinessOnline has permanently restricted the use of each subscription to one email login. Recently we’ve enhanced the software to prevent installations on more than three machines. We recommend purchasing additional licenses for business associates who use business mapping software or sharing publicly shared, non-editable maps with associates who require map access.

Will Mexico ever be released as a background map?

Additional background map coverages are dependent on many factors, including:

  • MapBusinessOnline user requests.
  • Available map layers, demographic data, and routing data licensing availability and costs.
  • The existence of a viable market for online business mapping software.

No release date is planned for Mexico or any other nations or continents. Email feature requests here.

What’s the deal with ZIP codes?

ZIP codes are a significant and popular feature in MapBusinessOnline. You can use ZIP codes to build thematic maps, create sales territories, or for more informative map visualizations. You can highlight one or many ZIP codes. You can also color-code all ZIP codes or groups of ZIPs based on imported user or demographic data.

Below is a ZIP code primer for MapBusinessOnline users.

  • In Map and Data, Map Options, ZIP Codes, choose the type of ZIP codes you prefer – we recommend USPS ZIP Codes with Fillers. This optimizes ZIP code appearances by cleaning up areas with no ZIP assignments, like national parks.
    This setting will impact new maps moving forward; it is not retroactive to existing maps.
  • ZIP code look and feel adjustments are located in Map and Data, ZIP Codes layer, and Edit Map Layer Properties. You can change colors, boundary thicknesses, layer fill, and transparency here. You’ll find filtering capabilities here and the ability to append data to label fields. Read more here.
  • Missing ZIP codes in imported data work.  Sometimes clients gather periodic sales and technical data based on imported ZIP codes. When users report ‘missing ZIP codes,’ the usual suspect is Point ZIP codes.  Read more all about ZIP codes here.

Why is my data not importing correctly?

The first thing to realize is that we’ve had thousands of users importing data successfully with minimal issues for over a decade. So, it’s probably you, not us. But we’re here to help.

  • Please ensure your address data is separated by column in your spreadsheet: Address | City | State | ZIP code. Many of the spreadsheets we review have all the addressing in one column. That just won’t work.
  • Consider how old the addressing data maybe? – Obsolete ZIP codes can sometimes be an issue. This can be especially problematic for data imports from MapPoint clients. MapPoint has been canceled for almost ten years, and MS neglected to update data for years before cancelation.
  • We can troubleshoot your data if you send it via email. Ensure you are allowed to share your business data first, then send it to one of the emails listed below.

I’m getting an error message instructing me to Update MapBusinessOnline. Where is the Updater, and how do I update it?

The Map App is downloaded from the website –  After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline Launch Button and the Updater will be located in the Windows Start Menu or the Mac Application folder:

  1. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder using the Start Menu
  2. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline
  3. Find the Updater and click the link. It will run and let you know when it’s complete.
  4. You also can drag the MapBusinessOnline launch Icon to the taskbar for a quick launch button.

Where are my Saved maps?

All saved maps will be available through your Open Map Library Folder, the second button from the left on the Master Toolbar. (Green File Folder icon.) Note that within the Open Map dialogue, there is now a folder called Recent Maps, a very helpful and fast way to access recent work.


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To access MapBusinessOnline, please register and download the Map App from the website –

After installing the Map App, the MapBusinessOnline launch button will be in the Windows Start Menu or Mac Application folder. Find the MapBusinessOnline folder in the Start Menu scrollbar. Click the folder’s dropdown arrow and choose the MapBusinessOnline option.

The Map App includes the Map Viewer app for free non-subscriber map sharing.

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