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MapBusinessOnline has a very horizontal customer application profile. By that, I mean our business mapping software is used by a broad cross-section of industry types. Businesses of all sorts use MapBusinessOnline.

We track certain industries more closely than others, allowing us to investigate our top industries. What do our top industry customers like most about MapBusinessOnline?

Construction & Real Estate

  • Site monitoring – Business maps are an excellent way to organize site work. Overlay resources, site locations, and employee start-0f-day address against a demographic analysis map of your city. Import related subcontractor addresses for progress monitoring.
  • Conduct driving time & distance analysis of construction sites to optimize material delivery schedules and plan around maximum traffic.
  • Demographic maps of site and property locations to assess property values, market prices, and local household income levels by ZIP code or area.

Financial Concerns

  • Demographic analysis maps identify risks associated with real estate and business investments.
  • Loan portfolio maps by area of interest or neighborhood depict the risks associated with loan saturation levels in areas new to development.
  • Banks business analysis – Banks frequently use map visualizations to monitor businesses within a specific radius or driving distance of a local branch. This enables them to keep track of business activities and cross-check borrower business plans.

Employed labor theme by county & Homeless Beds by heat map using MapBusinessOnline.

Franchise Businesses

  • Franchise territoriesFranchisors utilize territory management tools and business mapping software that visualizes franchisee sales potential using demographic and business data, creating franchise maps that define business operation areas.
  • Available or sold – Territory maps can be color-coded (green and red) to indicate which territories are available for sale and which franchise territories are already sold. These maps can be shared via image files or a non-subscribing map viewer app.
  • Franchisee contract documentationBusiness map images provide contractual documentation of areas of responsibility. MapBusinessOnline Data Window tabular data views and spreadsheet exports document sales potential associated with franchise transactions.

Insurance Businesses

  • Exposing Underserved AreasInsurance businesses use imported customer data to build customer maps that reveal underserved areas.
  • Territory Management – The ability to create and manage sales, service, and field technician territories for field claims agents, salespeople, and field investigators.
  • Site Tracking – Creating map visualizations that monitor sites of interest, including visit logs, optimized vehicle routes, and critical information displayed by location using map labels.

Medical Systems

  • Local medical business analysis maps are used to maintain a regional awareness of healthcare systems providers showing which organizations are in and out of the network within a given radius or driving distance.
  • Home Care Clinician Management – Business maps provide field clinician managers with daily visualizations of their regional areas of responsibility. They show patient homes with notes, clinician, aide start-of-shift locations, and medical resources within designated spaces.
  • Health Care System Analysis – Regional or urban area health care coverage maps clarify coverages for crucial client groups and complicated networks. Veteran care, disability services, and other constituent group services are often described and shared through business mapping.

Health Care System analysis map using MapBusinessOnline.com.


  • Campaign Tracking – ZIP code and city-limits maps provide an excellent platform for tracking sales campaigns and marketing programs. These would include coupon redemption by store or advertisement tracking.
  • Site Selection – New retail store locations are selected based on the unique criteria of each retail organization and store category. Site selection maps present overlays of various data types that indicate the optimum locations for new stores.
  • Customer Analysis – Retailers like to know their customers well. For complete analysis, map visualizations can provide customer demographic characteristics, driving time tolerances, competing store locations, and additional industry resources.

Sales & Marketing Orgs

  • Create competitor maps highlighting major competitor locations and their proximity to critical accounts.
  • Generate sales territoriesAssign sales accountability to sales representatives. View sales activity by territory—balance territories based on critical business criteria such as sales, population, or median income levels.
  • Track marketing campaigns – Create marketing map visualizations of periodical ad coverages or coupon redemption campaigns by territory, ZIP code, or city limit.

Service Businesses

  • Field Tech Optimized Routing – Create optimized vehicle routes with up to 150 stops, turn-by-turn directions, and mileage and time estimates.
  • Manage Field Service Territories – Create service territories from territory spreadsheets or manual ZIP code lasso selection. Color-code territories and client locations to reflect job status or completion metrics.
  • Service Area Map Visualizations provide the complete picture of a business’s area of operation. Share coverage maps with clients.

Business mapping software provides various features and functions that complement and expand upon typical business software systems. MapBusinessOnline is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for problems you didn’t even know you had.

Go to Www.MapBusinessOnline.com and take our FREE 1-month trial.

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