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MapBusinessOnline Pro offers driving time and distance analysis, providing marketing managers with helpful segmentation options and location-based perspectives. Turn to MapBusinessOnline business mapping software to geographically organize your sales organization.

Savvy retailers and direct mail marketers must maintain a massive customer contact list. Today, a customer list should contain both email and snail mail addresses. And that customer list must be constantly updated to keep up with ever-changing contact info.

Maintenance of the customer email list in all of the companies I’ve worked for falls under the jurisdiction of marketing. But the individual generally in charge of maintaining that customer list is a technical person with a wealth of experience in both technology and marketing.

These direct mail, retail, and email marketing managers understand the critical components and metrics of database management and mass direct mail/email marketing. Salespeople like me would go to Leslie, Tom, Denise, Stacy, Paula, or Hugo and ask questions about:

  • List contact quantities – how many emails have we got?
  • Customer segmentation by customer type, product interest, or purchase history.
  • Open and Bounce back rates for past email campaigns.
  • Delivery metrics for direct mail.
  • Frequency recommendations.
  • A B testing.
  • Subject line options.
  • Offers that worked and offers that didn’t work
  • Calls to Action (CTA’s) that were performed and CTA’s that didn’t work.

The many details must be considered when snail mailing or emailing a customer list is mind-boggling. All of these details impact the success or failure of each marketing campaign.

Email campaigns are dependent upon decent lists. We all in business encounter a daily deluge of prospect list offers from lead generation vendors. It’s almost a joke, except that it overwhelms our inboxes. These list brokers must be ignored to keep your business reputation clean. White Hat businesses follow the rules and maintain proper customer list management protocols with clear opt options for email recipients.

Developing Market Area Profiles Using MapBusinessOnline Pro.

The MapBusinessOnline Advantage

MapBusinessOnline can be used to analyze and segment customer lists for email and direct mail campaigns. MapBusinessOnline Pro provides advanced location-based analysis tools primarily based on driving time and distance calculations.

Driving time and distance queries analyze the physical street network road routes between location points, addresses, or latitude-longitude coordinates. Each set of location points, imported as one or two large datasets, can be compared point-to-point along a road network to calculate and compile the distance between them. These calculations are gathered to provide a mass analysis with exportable query results.

Imagine a marketing contact database of addresses for all USA customers of a retail chain. Total address locations are in the thousands. This list can be easily imported into MapBusinessOnline Pro for map visualizations and analysis.

By comparing the customer list with a list of retail stores in major cities across the USA, the map creator can quickly generate a list of all customers who live within 20 miles (pick a number) of a retail store location. That information can be helpful in several ways:

  • Reduction of marketing costs – Every transaction costs money. Why target customers who drive more than an hour to visit each store? Limit the recipient list to likely visitors and lower costs.
  • More accurate campaign result projections – Find out through surveys and campaign analysis the average drive time tolerance of the customer base. Calculate campaign ROIs based on customer proximity to store locations—estimate which customers are more willing to drive X miles for a storewide sale.
  • Associate marketing messages to customers within a drive time polygon – Connect CTA’s and campaign rewards to those who live within a 30-minute drive time of a store.

Driving time and distance calculations are helpful for various business analyses. A business map can present a set of polygons or circles that indicate a vehicle’s driving time obeying the speed limit to reach an area within X time zone. A 30-minute drive time zone could be shaded as a delivery zone on the map.

A pizza delivery restaurant might use a 30-Minute drive time zone as the primary delivery service requiring no delivery fee. Many MapBusinessOnline clients have established delivery and service zones through concentric circle and drive time segmentation.

VA healthcare insurance benefits are based on driving distances from significant healthcare or hospital providers. Driving times and distances can serve as operative segmentation for services rendered.

Summarize Demographics

Segmenting marketing lists by driving time and distance areas can also help understand and report on the demographic characteristics of an area. Demographic analysis can expose the predominant age, income, or ethnic makeup of an area of interest. Area demographics are essential for expansion and site planning for retailers and other growing businesses.

MapBusinessOnline Pro easily associates or appends imported marketing lists and areas of interest with demography. For example, you could query whether your marketing targets are predominantly older Americans or whether your campaign’s message is landing in the optimum median income zones. Use the Summarize Demographics options under Analysis in MapBusinessOnline Pro to add demographic information to location-based datasets.

Demographic query results can be color-coded to shade an area based on a predominant income level or population by gender. MapBusinessOnline also enables the presentation of area demographic totals through labeling. ZIP codes, counties, states, and territories can display the total population by ethnicity, the number of households headed by a female spouse, or any other of the demographic categories within MapBusinessOnline.

Franchise and sales organization territories rely on MapBusinessOnline Standard territory demographic analysis to balance assigned areas and monitor and share sales results. MapBusinessOnline Pro adds the ability to mass-create territories by drive time area.

Accessing Demographic Data for Franchise Territories using MapBusinessOnline Pro.

Business mapping software bridges the gap between Excel spreadsheets and geographic views of operational areas. Ensure your marketing department has a location-based & demographic edge in the race to manage leads and book sales. Get a subscription for MapBusinessOnline Pro today. Invest in one subscription for each business map editor.


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