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How to Work With Cities & Towns in Map Business Online

This seems a simple question, “How do I show cities on my business map?” And it is a simple question. But still, there are multiple options available to Map Business Online users when it comes to showing cities on their … Continue reading

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Map-based Market Analysis Tools with Map Business Online Pro

Map Business Online Pro is now released. The Market Analysis functions of Map Business Online Pro is available for Standard and Team Map Business Online subscribers to try in their Market Analysis buttons. This update to your subscription will be … Continue reading

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The Power of Business Mapping Software

What does an organization miss by not using business mapping software? That’s a valid question. All software applications cost money to acquire and require investments in people and time to implement. While it is true that the required investments for … Continue reading

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Map Business Online Gets Time and Money Under Your Thumb

Marketing in 2016, where content is king is a challenge. What’s a business-to-business executive to do? That’s actually a key question. Whether you are struggling to concoct your latest clever 140-character Twitter quip, carefully crafted to push your follower list … Continue reading

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How to Build Franchise Territories Using Map Business Online

Franchise businesses require particular business mapping features. These features are usually related to defining areas of market responsibility across franchisee operations. Map Business Online is a great solution for franchises seeking to share sales territory maps that define areas of operation. … Continue reading

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Organize the Sales Pipeline by Geography

Many businesses invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that store customer contact data and compile customer sales potential into a sales pipeline. If your business has installed a CRM that now feeds a robust sales pipeline you are to … Continue reading

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