About MapBusinessOnline

The MapBusinessOnline is an easy-to-use map program developed and published by SpatialTEQ, Inc. Simply import your business data and start mapping with MapBusinessOnline. Training is always available but not necessary. MapBusinessOnline is a business mapping software that both large and small businesses can affordably incorporate into their business workflows. The product is used by sales and marketing professionals across many vertical markets including health care, finance, and retail organizations. Popular applications include customer and competitor visualizations, enhanced business workflows, and improved business efficiencies through map services and optimized routing.
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MapBusinessOnline is built by the development team with over 20 years of experience creating geospatial products and business mapping applications such as Esri’s BusinessMAP. Our expertise in the business data visualization and analysis, as well as focus on customer needs, allows us to deliver the best-in-class business mapping tool, that helps getting your business intelligence to the next level.

MapBusinessOnline customers include small and large businesses such as Home Depot, Mutual of Omaha, the New York City Police Department, MegaFoods, and non-profits like Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, to name just a few. These businesses use MapBusinessOnline because they recognize the power that geospatial business enhancements add to their business processes. Many of these businesses have tried other mapping solutions which they found too difficult or too expensive. MapBusinessOnline, business mapping solutions designed for business users who just want a map, not a GIS investment.

Other than MapBusinessOnline, SpatialTEQ, Inc has developed a variety of customized software map programs supporting customers in healthcare, energy services, finance, and technology industries. Our unique business model seeks to apply geospatial solutions to a variety of vertical industry challenges, developing long-term customer partners in the process. We believe the application of easy-to-use geospatial software solutions to almost any business process will add significant value while lowering costs. Consider contacting us to discuss your location-based business challenges.

Specific customer examples of SpatialTEQ geospatial solutions include: optimized vehicle routing for home care and other medical delivery services; advanced sales territory mapping; marketing analysis through spatial queries; energy pipeline management software; GPS tracking for fleet management businesses; smart phone location tracking; and business map integration with CRM systems.

Have questions about MapBusinessOnline or have a suggestion on how we can improve your experience? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and welcome your feedback!