Welcome to MapBusinessOnline

Welcome to MapBusinessOnline, America’s Fastest Growing Business Mapping Software.
MapBusinessOnline is a web-based map making software used by a large variety of businesses to organize and analyze their business data geographically. MapBusinessOnline is very popular in the health care, banking, and sales and marketing sectors. This map software can be used by any large or small business to create custom maps of sales territories, business work flows, and business expansions. Simply import an Excel spreadsheet of your business data and visualize business resources, customers, and prospects against an accurate business map of the world. Are your competitors using business mapping software to gain a competitive edge? Assume that they are.

The Power of a Business Map
MapBusinessOnline is both affordable and easy-to-use while providing advanced geographic analysis tools to any business. No special training is required to run MapBusinessOnline. Organizations from a wide variety of industries leverage the power of a business map to:

  • Visualize customers and competitors – Expand business intelligence and inform strategic planning
  • Create and manage sales territories – Drive sales accountability and growth into the organization
  • Reduce fuel costs and improve productivity with multi-stop optimized vehicle routing
  • Search, segment, and append business data sets with radius maps and data filters
  • Communicate with maps – Share map URLs, embed maps in presentations, print wall maps

Create Maps Using Your Business Data
Simply import your business data from a spreadsheet and instantly display your critical business locations against an accurate business web-map. Use symbols and color-code tools to display classifications of your business data such as account type, product mix, or resource status. Create map classifications based on your particular business categories. Use MapBusinessOnline to create coverage area maps, conduct event planning, and develop workflow analysis. Just import your location based Excel data. Just imagine, Excel mapping software!

Work with Demographic Maps by Zip Code, State or County
MapBusinessOnline is the very best map mapping software for creating radius-based zip code maps. With just a mouse click you can create circles of any radius length and search the data within these circles:

  • Create circle or radius maps that create zip codes or counties lists and export to CSV file
  • Access and append your imported data with Census demographic data – including population, income, and household information
  • Export MapBusinessOnline data query results for use within third party applications

Sales Territory Mapping Software
Many MapBusinessOnline customers use mapping software to create, manage, and justify sales territories. MapBusinessOnline makes it easy to create sales territories from spreadsheets or from scratch. Sales territory mapping is often based on zip codes, counties or states, but MapBusinessOnline let’s you draw free form sales territories too. Once you’ve set-up sales territories you can easily add or subtract additional areas.

Justify Your Territory Decisions
MapBusinessOnline let’s you communicate sales territory changes visually by embedding map Jpeg or PNG files in Power Point Presentations or by sharing interactive sales territory web maps. But you can also save zip code or county territory records as spreadsheets, append them to your business data.

Have questions about MapBusinessOnline or have a suggestion on how we can improve your experience? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and welcome your feedback!