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Distribution & Wholesaler Mapping Software

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Distributors/wholesalers require plenty of flexibility to optimize and justify their position in the supply chain, between suppliers and customers. This could mean shorter and more frequent cycle times, accommodating changing customer demands, getting by with tighter profit margins and a managing a ever changing retail environment. Distributors must continually sift and mine data to gain insights into the business landscape and maintain a competitive edge. From local chains to national distribution companies, it’s important to understand the effect location has on your business.

Map Business Online provides business mapping solutions that enable distributors of all sizes to help optimize their inventory planning, delivery networks and order management processes. Distributors and wholesalers benefit from our powerful suite of data visualization, market analysis and sales territory mapping tools.

How Business Mapping Software Can Benefit Distribution Businesses

Map Business Online software is designed to provide distributors with the tools they need to ensure fast and accurate fulfillment. Important features include:

  • Map your suppliers and retail locations to better understand end customer proximities.
  • Visualize warehouse locations and associated inventory dollars.
  • Conduct searches for customers by trade area. Aggregate and display purchasing dollars by location.
  • Share key metrics with warehouse and delivery personnel without overwhelming them with data.
  • Share interactive maps and reports with staff, management and partners.

Establish collaborative map sharing across your teams and departments to leverage team decision making. Team mapping lets you integrate various data sources onto a shared, editable map. Now your sales, accounting, and operations can view the same business visualizations and results reporting, driving more effective decisions all around. Imagine all departments sharing a map to solve problems.

Importing Your Business Data into Map Business Online Software

Whether you rely on an Excel spreadsheet or a CRM solution for your business data, Map Business Online has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the entire process of uploading data into our system. We provide clear instructions to get you up and running quickly. If you need any help, we also have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that is ready to assist you.

Map Business Online provides distributors and wholesalers with innovative, cost-effective business mapping software, along with the benefit of almost 20 years of experience in the industry. We only source map data from the best GIS experts in the world, which means you’ll always have the most reliable data available. Our mapping software for distribution and wholesalers is easy to use - register today for our free, 1-month offer.